Written by Rachel

18 Sep 2013

My hubby works away from home quite often leaving me home alone. I have a job where I work 3 days a week to get me out of the house. It is for a local engineering firm not far from home. Recently we took on an apprentice, a young fit lad who took an instant shine to me. The more time we spent together the more relaxed I felt and the more we found out about each other and the more I noticed the nice bulge in his trousers.

As time went on the more relaxed I felt and the more flirtatious our conversations would become to the point that he asked how I managed being home alone so often and if I needed a hand with anything then I should come to him first. I told him that Ann Summers provided some release for me but sometimes it just wasn't enough. This got an instant reaction as I saw his bulge grow.

That night I fucked myself with my toys and told hubby about it, he said I should not tease the young guy or he might take what he wants - my pussy. Well that was all the encouragement I needed and told hubby maybe that is exactly what I wanted. As I said this I could hear hubby wanking his cock faster until I heard him come.

The next day I got up a bit earlier, showered, shaved, painted my nails and put a bit of extra makeup on in the hope Bob would notice and decide he couldn't wait any longer. Just to be sure I was sending out the right signals I wore my figure hugging blue dress with hold ups hubby had brought me and no underwear. My nipples are particularly sensitive and are very noticeable when erect, something that did not go unnoticed by Bob. Within minutes of getting to work Bob started with his smutty talk, which turned me on.

By lunch time I had given Bob a good view of my shaved pussy and told him I needed him to stay late tonight to help me with something. He duly obliged saying 'anything so long as I get a better look at your shaved married pussy'. That pushed me over the edge and I had to go to the toilet and play with myself. Bob followed me and being the only lady at work knew we wouldn't be disturbed, came into the ladies toilet pushed me up against the sink, pulled my dress up and thrust his big cock into my sopping pussy. I melted as Bob filled my pussy with his cock for the next 3 minutes before he came in me. He apologised that he had been selfish and not made me cum but said he would later that night. I took a picture of my pussy to show my hubby and teased him throughout the day saying how his prim little wife had behaved like a little slut and got what I deserved like he said I would. But that and what happened later that day is another story...