6 Apr 2017

When I married my first husband I was twenty two he a year older. I knew pretty much with a few months I had made a mistake,he was quite jealous and a bit boring in bed. I was starting a new career in public relations, and he was a games designer. I had eight weeks before I started my new job to get the house up and running. We bought a house in a small close we had a field on one side and one neighbour on the other. I should explain I had quite a reputation in the town pubs as being a bit easy for black guys and I cannot say I was ever really faithful to my first husband, Paul.

Anyway we move in and Paul went to work the following week. Our neighbour was a single guy about mid thirties, very muscular, black guy, very arrogant had a bit of the thug about him which I have always been attracted to. From day one he made it clear he fancied me, and when Paul was out of earshot he would make some very dirty suggestions, he took my hand once and rubbed against his crutch and he felt enormous, I love big thick cock, sadly Paul was about 6". Why did we marry well parental pressure had a lot to do with it. I was and still am a size 10 and a 36d 2435 figure only my tits are now about 38. I hallways worked out so my figure has always been toned. I am quite leggy and have been smooth since I was fifteen.

The first week I was alone in the house, I was cleaning and moving stuff, dressed in a denim mini skirt and t-shirt and sandals. The door bell rang and it was Zac from next door. He looked at me and smiled and said something like you look fucking horny Sara, I thought I come and have a drink with you, he produced some beer and a bottle of wine. I told him I was really busy and he just walked in went into the lounge me I followed, he put the drink on the table and got hold of me and French kissed me, I was a bit taken back, but just responded. He groped my tits and then had his hand up my skirt and told me that I was a fucking wet little slut, he knew I wanted him. I said don't be so sure and he pushed me into the settee and fingered me until I came loudly. He then said you white whore. He then sat up, and opened a CNN documentary told me to get glass and have some wine, I went into the kitchen and remember feeling so turned on, I live guys being rough with me and I love being dominated.

I went back into the room and sat next to Zac who said are you feel slutty now, NDA said yes no he said you want me NDA is I'd fuck yes, ever since we met. He told me to go and put some on of the sexy lingerie he had seen on the washing line. I came back down in some high heals, stockings and suspenders and nothing else. He looked and did fucking hell. He stood and came over to me and mules me kissing me taking his shirt off no then telling me to suck his cock, I knelt and unzipped him, he had no underwear on NDA his massive cock fell out he was huge, just under 11" I discovered, he forced me to take his cock in my mouth and slowly started to fuck my face, he had more and more of his ok in my throating, I deep throated him for an age until he swelled and sprinkled down my throating. He then told me to get up stirs he wanted to fuck me on Paul and my bed. Once in the bedroom he took his trousers and shoes off and told me to get a toy and play with myself, I took my large dildo and fucked my self for I'm, he was calling me names and telling me to fuck myself harder. I came with a huge orgasm, then then was on me his cock inside me in two rough hard pushes and he fucked me like an animal, biting and pinching my nipples and tits. He pounded the bed actually moved. He came inside after about twenty minutes, and I was told to clean him and make him hard again, which did not take long. He then had me doggy style, fingering my arse and lobbing my arse with my pussy juices. He then pulled out and started to enter my arse, it was really painful at first and then it felt wonderful. He pounded my arse playing with my clit and then pulling my pair so my head was pulled right back. He fucked my arse then pulled out and did my pussy and then my arse he did those for over half an hour before he came inside my arse and pulled out and finished off over my face.

We rested and he fucked me once more before he went back to his place to clean up and go to work. This happened ever day, and at weekends when Paul went to play tennis. Zac got more suggestive when Paul was around, groping my arse and telling Paul what a horny wife he had. This went on like this for a year, and I needed Zac's cock every day, Zac started bring his mates round or meeting me at the pub where I worked two nights a week and fucking me in the car afterwards, sometimes with two or three mates. I discovered that he was charging some of them to fuck me, to be honest I needed his cock so much I did not care.

After about a year things were quite difficult between Paul and me. He was always plying computer games or going to sleep. I was getting fucked my Zac every day. My sister introduced me to Mike, older than me by nine years, my sister was married too, but younger and she had been fucking Mike. She thought I would like him as she knew I was unhappy with Paul, but not about Zac. Mike was a lawyer, good body and I big cock. He fucked me the first night, on our second date we had a threesome with his best mate. I became really fond of him, and told Zac and he was surprisingly ok, he told me he knew we weren't for ever, I was just a good cunt to fuck. I did crying on fucking Zac for about another year, but I moved in with Mike after three months.Mike knew about Zac they actually had me together. Few times. Mike said he married me because I was a slut. Zac did tell Paul that he had fucked me, never have been sure whether he believed Zac.