Written by johnny

23 Sep 2011

Id like to tell you about my wife. Is she a slut? Well probably, she just likes to have fun and for fill a high sex drive. She walks out a couple of times a week dressed in very sexy clothes flirting and teasing. Take a couple of days ago. She went out in platform high heel thigh high boots, short skirt, white blouse and leather jacket to walk around the town center. She had a great time gaining as much attention as she could. She wears lots of leather as the girls on you tube do but she likes to go out where people can see her. She’s not totally over the top, some women might not wear such items unless on a night out , but my wife wears them morning noon and night. And it works well because like I asked is she a slut. Well of course she is, this is what horny and us happy. One morning I came upstairs to find her in a short leather mini, fish nets and tiny stilletoes. Her top showed off her amazing tits and fantastic body to perfection, at 38 she is so fit and gets lots of attention. She put on a little leatehr jacket and off we went to town. Now if I was to walk with her not much would happen so I go off and do my own thing and she does hers. Hers of course is different to mine. She starts off walking in front of men she fancies and if she doesn’t get much joy moves on to less attractive people. She gets lots of “cor blimey” and “Wproor” but not too many men actually talk to her. She has had a lot of men in her life. From 18 to 68. If she cant pull fit she goes for anything. That says she so kinky, fucking a dirty old smelly workman with a big belly and hasn’t washed in weeks is a turn on for her. And me too. I love it when we get home and she tells me what she fucked. Some nights I even get to see what shes pulled. Well this day like many times before she eventually had a 40 ish year old bloke come up to her and tell her what a fucking slag she looked like. In broad daylight in a busy town centre he actually said that. Some blokes have got some balls. I would never say such things. She got all excited at this and replied “ well I am “ . with a reply like that I would have shite myself on the spot. But matey just took hold of her arm and led her behind some shops. Now some things she tells me I find hard to believe but she says he took her out of sight of any shoppers and looked straight into her eyes. With out even a hello she dropped to her knees and took out his cock. As she put it in her mouth she felt it get hard and she kept eye contact with the man the whole time. She started to suck and thrust her head back and forth. He just looked back and said good little whore. This made her go wet and she was gagging for some herself. She just took out her sexual frustration on his cock and sucked harder. Only a couple of minutes passed she was caught up in the moment sucking like a good slut eyeing up the man she was sucking hoping no shop assistant would come out the back of one of the shops,( this has happened before ). And the man just grabbed the back of her head and started to pump mouthfuls of cum right down the back of her throat. She took most of it but some did escape and dribble down onto her top and skirt. When done the man took her phone from her handbag phoned his mobile and said “I might be in touch. Then he gave her her phone back and left. Leaving her still on her knees with cum over her face top and skirt. She stood up rubbed herself down and met back up with me. She looked a bit of a mess but still came up to me and kissed passionately. We went home and fucked till I had to go to work. If you want to know about the time she got caught by a shop assistant or got fucked by a 68 year old or by a smelly dirty old workman then stay tuned.