3 Dec 2016

My wife is 54 years old we have been married for over 30 years, we have a great sex life and we often talk about her taking another cock, she not keen on it but we have great sex talking about what could happen.

She works in a chemist where they will often have locum pahramasists when the regular pharmasists is off, these are usually younger men sometimes women but more often than not guys in there early 30s, some of them are Asian guys, ive seen them when ive picked her up from work most are good looking guys and a very polite .

We were having a sex session one night when I metioned the Locum paharmacist saying they were good looking Guys did you ever fancy any of them, oh no she said they are all too young they dont take any notice of me.

I said I bet they do, I bet theyd love to fuck you, dont be so bloody daft she said why would they, I said because yoour gorgeous and Im sure they would love to fuck an older woman like you.

Nothing more was said about it and a few weeks passed when we were both full of drink and I was teasing her about these guys wanting to fuck her, shut up she said im sick of you going on about it, youd get a bloody shcok if I came home one night and told me id been fucked by one of them? No I wouldnt I said id love it ,it makes me horny as hell talking about it, you can do it for me, go on if you get the chance do it.

What if I said I already have, fucking hell I nearly fell off the settee, what really, honestly when?

Are you sure you want to hear this she said, too fucking right I do, my cock was twitching, i could have cum on the spot.

So she proceeded to tell me what had happend. A couple of weeks ago I had to work away for a couple of days and had to stop over, it was on the Wednesday night after work.

She works late and the Locumn Pharmcasist does too they lock up at 6.00pm, she went on to say hed been in all week, we have had him here at work before he a nice lad, Lad I said how old is he, oh Hes 31, thats 22years younger than my wife.

Ok I said so what happened, hed been flirting with me all week she said , it was nice hes cheeky but always polite never rude just a bit of a lad pushing his luck she said. whats he called I said, We call him Ali, its not his real name but thats what he wants us to call him, hes an asian lad.

God my cock was throbbing in my pants I wanted to pull her knickers off and fuck here there and then but wanted to hear the whole story.

Go on I said tell me what happened, are you sure she said, I feel guilty as hell doing it but you did say I could dint you, yes I said just tell me what fucking happend I was getting frustrated and had a twinge of jealousy going on, but the hard on in my pants was overulling that.

She went on to say how he had brushed by here accidently catching here bottom with his groin as he pushed by here in the shop when there was no one about, she said she could feel the tension between them and that she kinda knew something was going to happen.

It got to locking up time and they lower the shutters so that no more customers can come in the shop, at 6.00pm they lock the front door then do the final checks before putting the alarm on ad locking up.

She was in the consultation room checking the window was locked and Ali came in, He just said to her, you are so fuckuing hot you have made me as horny as hell can I fuck you.

I said what did you say to him, she said, dont be silly im far too old for you, Im flatterd but your too young, he then grabbed her hand and put it on his crotch, she said I could feel his cock he was rock hard.

He them leant forward to kiss her and she pulled away,Im sorry he said I thought you would want this, I do she said but its so wrong, he then said Nobody will know but us, he then went to kiss her and she responded by kissing him back.

These are here words describing what happened next.

I could not help myself I was so horny hed had me on the edge all day with his flirting I desperatly wanted that young cock deep in my aching pussy.

He pushed me up against the wall and we kissed like a couple of teenagers on there first date, I could feel his cock against my pussy I wanted him so badly.

I unzipped his flys and dropped to my kness and pulled his cock out of his pants, it was nice it smelt of sex not dirty just musky, he undid his trousers and they dropped to the floor.

I took his cock in my mouth and sucked on it geadilly I was like a porn star I couldnt beleive what I was doing a mouthfull of this young guys cock I wa loving it.

He was pushing on my head and moaning loudly I thought he was going to cum so I stopped and stood up and kissed him again.

He now had his hand in My knickers and was probbing at my 53 year old soaking wet pussy, I was grinding on his hand I to was close to cumming.

He then said sit on the unit top ,we have a sink and a side unit that I sat on, I had my uniform skirt on and he hitched it up exposing my tights and Knickers, I lifted my bum up and he pulld my tight down but left my knickers on.

He told me to sit right on the edge and lean back, my head was all over the place, this was so wrong but the horniest thing Id ever done, he pulled ny knickers to one side and strated to hungrily lick me pussy, I was so wet, I could hear Him lapping at my pussy and I was so close to cumming when he stopped, get down and bend over he said.

I still had my knickers on and as I bent over and he entred me from behind, he was rough and I could tell he was going to cum really quickly, he only lasted a couple of miniutes and came deep inside of me, when he came he let out a deep groan, maoaning fuck, fuck oh fuck , he almost collapsed.

I said what about me , he said Im so sorry I came so quick, I sat back up on the side and he went back down on me, he was licking his own cum out of my pussy, I was in heaven, he pushed a couple of fingers in me and I grabbed his hand and held it in place as I had a massive orgasm, He comes up and we kissed passionately I could taste his cum and my pussy.

Thank you he said that was the best sex Ive ever had, No thank you I said that was fantastic.

this had all happened within 30 minuites, we tidied ourselves up and we locked up the shop,he left me to go to his car saying please dont tell anyone, No I wont and please dont you either.

That was the night I was working away, I remember ringing her that night asking if she had a good day and specifically remember her saying, Yeah great thanks, a bit different but I didnt ask why, now I know.

She said to me are you mad at me for doing this,no I said Im proud of you I told you you were hot and that Guys wanted to fuck you, she said yeah I guess your right.

I have encouraged her to take every oppertunity she gets to have extra cock but she has said she done it once it was great but dosent want to do it again.

Do I beleive her, probaly not, so heres looking forward to her next confession.