Written by Adam

4 Jan 2016

I am rubbish at writing stories, when i see how well some on here are written, i have tried writing this one loads of times.

I am Adam and i have been married to Anne for 25 yeras, as you have just worked out, we are no spring chickens, i am 56 and Anne is 61, we indulge in a lot of walking, and look after ourselves, which keeps Anne quite trim, with a nice ass, her best asset i think. I have been married once previously, and Anne twice, we both have had partners that have liked to swing, although Anne and i never have together, my point begins back in the summer, we have a dirty neighbour, nice old boy, late 60s i guess, we get on quite well but obviously taken a shine to Anne, always sharing a conversation with her, suggesting when it's hot she should wear her bikini, this in particular makes us laugh, anyway, late June we had decided on a garden party, well i say garden party, just us and a few friends round for drinks and a barbercue, it went well, and over all too soon, before we knew it, it was just me and Anne sitting in the darkened garden, among the empty bottles and dying embers of the barbie, it was going on 11:30pm i guess, and we had been reminded several times during the day that it was dirty neighbours birthday, as i sat there staring into the embers a thought occured to me, i said to Anne, "you know what? you should pop round and give Mo a birthday kiss, lights are on he 's still up" probably with too much wine taken she agreed and stood up, well i must have been tipsy because i said "oh and wear the bikini" Anne just laughed and said "be careful what you wish for" and went indoors, i poured another beer, and settled down, after half an hour she had not re-appeared so i went inside, couldn't see Anne anywhere? her phone was on the side so no point ringing, i called but no answer, so went back outside, after another half hour i heard Annes dulcet tones the other side of the fence, she must have gone out the front, as she came back through the gate, i saw she had on a raincoat, which she opened to reveal a red bikini, quickly inside Anne invited me to feel her, i pushed my hand down the front of her bikini bottoms, Anne was very wet, and when i withdrew my hand i could see what is unmistakenly another mans cum, "you trollop" "better believe it " said Anne, well what is a man to do, other than lay her down, remove the bikini bottoms, and dive in for sloppy seconds. When we were later discussing it, it was obvious the neighbour was not a smart choice, however with the explanation of drunken flirting gone too far, we could box round it, what we couldn't box round is how much we both enjoyed it, which is why i have been on the hunt for men who don't object to 60 year olds or sloppy seconds, since that night i have found two, not easy though walking up to someone in a pub and asking if they fancy a go on your wife he he