Written by Neighbour4

22 Dec 2010

This is a true story of something which happened a couple of years ago. At that time I was living only own and as you would expect from a single man living alone I would have a wank pretty much every day. I would often surf the net looking at porn and call phone sex lines. I lived in a small block of flats, 2 up and 2 down-I was in one of the upstairs flats, there was a man in the flat opposite mine, another man in the flat below me and a woman in the other one downstairs. Each flat was occupied by just one person.

My 2 male neighbours went off to work early each morning and a while later, Marie, the woman downstairs would also leave. I worked nearby and didn't have to go until around 10 to 9. This gave me a daring thought-why not wait until everyone had gone and then go out of my flat naked and wank on the stairs and the entrance hall! Anybody could come in delivering pizza leaflets etc, although very rarely at that sort of time and the postie did his rounds late morning so I knew I was fairly safe. So one morning I watched and waited for all 3 of my neighbours to go off to work and after Marie had gone I waited for a while, stripped off and opened my door. My heart was pounding as I walked out on to the landing naked and playing with my cock. I stood at the top of the stairs wanking my hard cock and after a few minutes dared myself to go downstairs. I dashed down and stood there for a few moments by the main front door before going back upstairs to safety, I was feeling so turned on by this point and really needed to come so sped up the speed of my wank and shot my load into the tissue in my hand, got my breath back and went back into my flat to sort myself out.

I carried on going out on the landing and stairs and wanking myself off whenever I felt the urge for a good few months after that first time. I always found it exciting and daring and enhanced my orgasm. However one morning I was sitting on the stairs naked and wanking when the front door opened and Marie walked back in having forgotten something. My heart nearly stopped! I was totally exposed and had nowhere to hide. I stood up straight away and covered my cock and balls but it was already too late. Marie stood there with a look of shock and horror on face. "What the fuck? What the hell are you doing?" she gasped? I stuttered and stammered, trying to come up with an excuse but couldn't think of anything. I eventually decided to just be honest. "I can't really get out of this can I?" I said. Still shocked she asked me why I was playing with myself on the stairs so I told her it gave me an extra thrill. "Why, because you mightbe caught?" I nodded in agreement. "Well you have been caught now. Do you think I should tell our other neighbours about what you do?" She asked. "No, please don't do that, I'm begging you!" I pleaded.

The shock had now gone from her face and she started to smile in a way which acknowledged her superiority in this situation. "Well we can't discuss this here-why don't you step inside my flat and we'll talk about it further. And take your hands away from your privates, I've already seen them anyway". So I followed her as she unlocked her door and stepped into her front room, completely naked and terrified. "I'm feeling in a generous mood today, so I'll tell you what-you looked like you were really enjoying yourself before I so rudely interrupted. It's a shame you no longer have an erection. I'm going to make myself comfortable and I want you to carry on wanking. I want to see you come!" Marie went and sat in an armchair and told me to stand in front of her. She had control of me and the situation was turning me on and she smiled as my cock grew back to life. In no time I was fully erect and wanking off slowly with Marie watching me intently. I carried on like this for a few minutes before I felt that familiar rising in my balls. "I'm going to come soon!" I gasped. "Good!" she purred. "Where do you want me to come?" I asked. "I want you to come on your hand and then lick it all up!" This was too much for me and I cried out in pleasure as I came all over my hand. Looking Marie in the eye I then raised my hand up and slowly licked my spunk off it. I didn't normally like the taste of come but I was so turned on by what was happening I favoured every drop. "Good boy" she laughed. "Now you had better go as I need to go to work, but I would like to see you tomorrow morning. Come back here at half seven after our other two neighbours have gone, but make sure you are naked again!"

I went back upstairs, my head spinning from what had just happened and slightly scared, but part of me was finding this extremely erotic. What would happen tomorrow morning? I had to wait to find out!