Written by Marco

11 Sep 2013

When I was 19 I had came home from college in the pouring rain to find I had forgotten my keys and was locked out. Standing there on the drive not knowing what to do with myself our neighbour sue walked up the road on to her drive. Sue was about 37 at the time shoulder length brown hair about size 12 quite big tits and a lovely big curvy bum that looked amazing in jeans, as a teen I had many wanks thinking of her and regularly got hardons as I stood talking to her on occasions out on the front or over the back fence . She was always friendly and asked if I was ok, I explained to her that I was locked out, she invited me in to wait til someone got home.

Inside we were in the reception where we both removed our jackets I was soaked through as was she having just walked from the bus stop. Sue said she that she would get me a towel so I could dry off properly. She went upstairs about a min later she shouted for me to come up, I got to the top of the stairs she passed me the towel and pointed me to the bathroom telling me to put my wet clothes on the radiator to dry out.

In the bathroom I stripped naked dryed off and hung my soaked clothes on the radiator. I decided to wrap the towel sue had gave me round my waist and opened the bathroom door to head downstairs. I was walking across the landing when I got to the top of the stairs I could see into sues bedroom as the door was half open where she was changing and drying off. I stopped at the top of the stairs she didn't know I was there she had her back to me in a world of her own. I watched as she removed her blouse to reveal a lacy white bra (at this point my cock is starting to grow with excitement) she then reaches round and unzipped her skirt letting it fall to the floor she's wearing a matching white thong which looked tiny on her big but firm curvy bum. It was in that moment I froze as she turned around and caught me watching. She looked I thought I was in trouble she said sorry didn't know you were there she kinda didn't know what to say I also nervously apologised. We laughed she called me a naughty boy I cheekily commented on her bum with that she looked at me and said I think I can tell you like it glancing towards my towel I looked down to see my erection straining against my towel. Looking back up I didn't know what to say, sue moved closer towards me and said that as I had seen her nearly naked could she see me drop my towel. I playfully agreed sue stood in the doorway of her room as I dropped my towel my 7" cock rock hard pointing towards her. She smiled said very nice, feeling a little more confident I stepped towards her put my hand on her waist and pulled her close for a kiss. We kissed for a min or so when sue asked if I had ever had many blowjobs. A few I replied but having been single for a long time I hadn't had anything for a while.

With my answer sue smiled at me as she slowly dropped to her knees. She ran her tounge slowly from my balls up my shaft before taking my head in her mouth. She must have been sucking my cock only for a min when I couldn't hold back anymore I warned her I was cumming but she sped up and I came in her mouth. She swallowed my young cum. Looking up at me smiling as she licked my cock clean.

This was just the start of many expericences with sue Who would like to here more