Written by Happy Hubby

11 May 2017

I told you recently about builders getting lucky with my wife, and how during final week the lech of a neighbour, George had her as well.....well it continues!

The builders did some work for neighbour after completion of ours, so Peter, the builder still feeds info to my buddy Chris about what goes on.

Clearly, my neighbour George was intent on having more of Jane, this is what information got fed back to me.

George had been watching our house waiting for me to leave for work, so he knew Jane would be alone....he also knew from Peter, the builder that it was her habit to shower after I have left for work...

He made his way to our front door...and knocked, as expected Jane was showering,... he knew because bathroom window was visible and steamy window was obvious.

He kept knocking.....she eventually came to front door,,,, slightly annoyed and gown quickly wrapped around her, so not quite as it should be.

She snapped at him, what do you want George!, he simply stared at her and in his firm voice said, now Jane, remember I told you previously, you are mine now!

She said stop it, but he calmly put his hand on her shoulder and pushed her backwards into the hallway.

As she moved backwards, he calmly closed front door and smirked at her.

She protested as she backed towards kitchen....but knew that she was going to have to comply with his orders....or he would inform me...( little did she know I was getting all the details)

As she reached the sink, he moved closer, reaching out to the tie cord on her gown....he pulled it towards him as it came away from gown...the gown fell slightly open, Jane grabbed gown, but he waved his finger....NO he snapped leave it... Jane obeyed....he put cord over his shoulder, and pushed gown off her shoulders, it fell to the floor.

Jane was now stood naked in front of George, he put his arms around her and pulled her towards him, she really didn't like him,,, always found him a bit creepy...he whispered....let's go to your bedroom.

He followed Jane upstairs....she could feel his eyes looking at every inch of her.

As they entered our bedroom, he told her to lie face down on the bed, he moved towards her, he took hold of her hands and pulled them behind her, she struggled a little but he quickly tied her hands, she was now at his mercy. He had tied them quite tight, so no chance of her escaping.

He stood over her and and as he stripped he was bending down,, whispering to her saying, how he was going to enjoy her & simply said, I have plans for you....Jane was helpless to escape.

He started kissing up the backs of her legs, easing them apart as he moved up her thighs...she could feel his hot breath on her body. He forced her legs wider, exposing her ass & smooth pussy, his hands squeezing her ass cheeks, fingers digging in as he forced her cheeks wider, he could feel her resisting. He told her to relax, just enjoy, he told her.

he began licking her ass cheeks, and slowly let his tongue probe her asshole, she let out little moan, this sign was a delight to George!

He moved off her and reached her bedside table, opening the drawer he found tingle lube..... mmm he said, whose a naughty girl then eh,, Jane shook her head, he laffed.

He applied liberally to her ass, before moving into position and slowly eased his cock into her, she said NOOO, it hurts, but George was in no mood to stop, he began increasing his thrusts....driving into her ass,,,, he gave one last thrust & exploded into her ass!!!

He collapsed onto her,, panting, he was heavy as he lay on her, he rolled off, with a contented smirk on his face.

She asked him to untie her.....He just looked at her, why would I do that he said.... Please she replied....Not yet was his reply.

He sat on the side of the bed, and reached for his phone....NO pictures she begged, hadn't thought of that he replied as he made a call.....Hi Nigel, it's George here,, you busy? Good, you want to come over? I have something you might like.....

He hung up....and looked at Jane.....it's playtime now he said as he took few pics for his album....

Will do part 2......in few days