Written by Liam

31 Jan 2014

It was two days since i shown Julie the fun of playing on cam. I was chilling out watching a DVD when the doorbell went off. It was Julie hi what you up to she asked with a bit of a cheeky smile. Nothing I replied she asked if we could have a chat. I lead her through to the living room she sat on sofa I was opposite in the arm chair. You ok I asked yeah she replied I could see she was nervous. She looked at me and said about the other day i just wanted to check that no one will ever find out about it will they, I don't want to lose my husband it was just a bit if fun. I reassured her that I wouldn't mention a thing and I asked that she wouldn't mention to my parents what I got up to. She laughed and said I guess we are evens.

We continued chatting she said she found it a bi thrill and got a buzz over the men playing with there cocks over her but most of all she said she loved seeing me standing infront of her cumming. I've never seen a load like that or a cock as nice. I was blushing but turned on all the same I said she had an amazing body and just needed a release after watching her strip to a thing right in front of me. I never knew a young lad would find me that attractive she said. Your a sexy woman I said she giggled blushing. So you thought any more about cramming I asked. I haven't stopped she replied shall we she asked. If you want I asked. We were soon in the chat room with men asking her to strip. She was loving it teasing I was still fully clothed after about 10 mins she was just a bra and thing teasing the guys including me. I popped in to the bathroom my cock throbbing. I decided what the hell and stripped naked I then went to my bedroom and got a pack of condoms rolling one on to my cock before walking downstairs in to the living room. Julie looked over what you doing, can't let you have all the fun I replied. Julie sat in front of the cam I stood next to her cock pointing at her face people in the chat room asking her to suck it. Julie thought about it for a min before spinning round on the chair to face my cock. She gave the tip a little lick but the viewers demanded more she soon gave in to them and began to suck my cock on cam. Her mouth felt so good she licked from my balls to my tip taking as much of my 8" in her mouth as she could. She sucked me for about 2 mins I managed not to come. She then stood up began bending over as requested her arse looked amazing I slapped her bum wobbled her cheeks for the cam then I pulled her thing down before dropping to my knees and began to lick her pussy from behind. I ran my tounge over her slit even licking her bum hole before standing up and pushing my cock in her from behind. To be honest I came almost instantly but managed to carry on I began to pound her from behind her arse wobbled with my strokes. By now we forgot the cam and just went at it. We gave them a good show her getting on top so they could see her riding me.

We must have been ducking for a couple hours before she had to get back home. Since we have been fucking regularly it's our secret. Julie has taught me so much about fucking her husband doesn't know how dirty his wife really is!!