30 Jul 2019

My wife and I married in the early eighties when we were very young. Too young everyone said but we were in love and lust with each other and still are. Our only concern was that apart from each other we had never been out with anyone else.

Anyway, after a year of living at our parents houses we managed to buy our own place in a village some nine miles from our home town. It needed some work but it was ours and we made the most of our own space fucking like rabbits in every room, on the stairs and in the garden.

Diana, my wife is very vocal during sex and this didn't go unnoticed by our neighbours Jean and Graham a lovely couple in their late forties.

Graham was great for advice and practical help on things that needed doing on the house and was always keen to come round. Di and I guessed he fancied her as we noticed his eyes roving over her tight young body. Diana is 5.4 with 36d breasts a slim waist and nice hips with dark red hair. Blue eyes and lovely soft pale skin. She has that classic hour glass figure which I adore and gets lots of attention when dressed up. She was certainly enjoying the attention she was getting from Graham.

I knew she had a thing for older men as she often said she would like to be taken in hand by one. I had to admit that the thought of this turned me on. I realised that she had a slightly submissive side to her and while I tried to satisfy her in this, it wasn't something I felt comfortable with. It was clear to me that she secretly craved an experienced assertive and masterful older man to give her the fucking she needed.

We talked about this and she confessed that she fantasised about being fucked by Graham. I told her that I would like to watch to which she replied that I couldn't, not on the first time anyway and then laughed. We began to think about this a lot and whenever Graham came round Diana would wear something revealing.

During the summer Graham offered to help us put up some new fencing in the garden. It was a hot day and I made sure that Diana was wearing some cut down shorts to show off her bum, an old blouse tied in the middle to show her midriff with buttons undone to reveal her cleavage. She put her hair in pigtails and applied some lippy. God did she look hot! As we worked away poor old Graham couldn't keep his eyes off her. She made sure she did lots of bending over in front of him giving him a good view of her tits and bum. When he popped inside to use the loo I said to her, I think its time you were fucked by Graham. She went red and a strange look came over her, the look of wanton lust. Are you sure? she asked. Oh yes I replied.

When Graham returned, I made some excuse about having to go out for a couple of hours. Diana will look after you I joked. I'd like that said Graham. She followed me to the front door and I kissed her undoing a couple more of her buttons. Tell me all the details later I asked. She smiled and said she would then closed the door.

I learnt later as soon as she returned to the garden Graham said to her in a low voice right you little tease, inside, I think you know what you're in for. Diana blushed and said yes I think I do. Where do you want me? He took her hand and led her up to our bedroom. Sitting down on the edge of the bed he made her stand in front of him his face just inches from her breasts. He began to slowly undo the remaining buttons of her blouse kissing her belly tenderly. He looked her in the eyes and told her to remove her shorts as he was going to give her bottom a good spanking. She did as she was told undoing the shorts and easing them over her hips, the knickers slipped down as well. Now the bra, he ordered. She removed this standing completely naked in front of him. Over you go he instructed and she positioned herself over his lap. Graham placed his hand on her bum allowing his fingers to run up and down its crease. She looked back at him in anticipation of what was to come. He began to spank each buttock pausing every now and again to probe her pussy which was soaking wet. She moaned with a mixture of pain and pleasure. Harder, she demanded, I'm a naughty girl who needs to be spanked. Graham carried on till her bottom was nice and red. Thats enough for now he said and helped her stand up. Sitting her on the edge of the bed he knelt between her legs and began to lick her pussy, flicking his tongue over her clit. She was in heaven. He did this for ages fingering her and eventually making her cum squirting her juices over him. Standing up he removed his shorts and top to show a lovely cock which was semi erect. Not as thick as mine but much longer. He moved her up the bed and looking at him with red face and swollen nipples, she said come on, push that cock into me and give me a good hard fucking. He smiled and said he intended to. Placing her legs over his shoulders he positioned his now hard cock against her slit and eased his length inside her wet pussy. Diana was breathing heavily as he began to slowly fuck her sliding his long cock in and out of her. She was loving this and begged him to not to stop. I love your cock inside me she moaned, thats right give me a good seeing too. Graham fucked her harder and faster talking dirty to her as he did which she loved. Finally with a groan he emptied his balls filling my young wives unprotected belly with his hot seed until they collapsed together.

She told him how we had planned the whole thing. If you both like that sort of thing you're in the right village. Plenty of wife swapping and affairs going on round here I can tell you he said with a smile.

I arrived back some two hours later to find Diana wearing bra and knickers and a healthy glow about her.

My heart was pounding as she told me she'd been spanked and fucked. I was given a right seeing to she said with a grin. I wish I was there to see it, I replied. You will on Saturday night she said. I'll let you watch when we both go round for the evening. Would you like that? She asked stroking my cock. Only if I get to service you too, I said. She smiled and we kissed. That'll be up to Graham she whispered in a low voice before sinking to her knees to suck my thick cut cock.

Our sex lives changed from that moment on with many erotic experiences. We are closer and happier for it too.