Written by ludaboy

29 Aug 2016

This happened when we lived in a row of large town houses who's rear courtyards faced on to one another.

My wife and I had been out for a drink and the wife got a little tipsy. On returning home she went in her own words to put something more comfortable on. With in a few minutes she shouted me to come to bed. What a sight greeted me my wife

was stood there in a totally see through baby doll nighty that just held her 38dd tits in and finished just level with her hairless cunt. I'm sure she had been playing with herself as fanny lips were red and swollen. She turned and wiggled her

fantastic bum at me as she went to the bed. I stripped naked in record time but struggled to get my pants off as I had a massive hard on.

As soon as I was on the bed the wife took hold of my hand and begged me to finger her as she wanted to cum at the same time wrapping her other hand around my cock. She was soaking wet and I had three fingers straight up her and my thumb rubbing her enlarged clit I was more convinced then that she had been playing with herself. With in minutes she was pushing herself onto my fingers begging me to make her cum which she did with a loud cry which I'm sure our

pretty young neighbour must have heard.

After a minute or so she rolled onto her back with her legs apart waiting for me to mount her but having consumed a few pints earlier my bladder was at bursting point and I had to have a pee which wasn't easy having a massive hard on but

while in the toilet I noticed our neighbours light on in the bedroom right opposite ours and squinting through our open bathroom window could see our neighbour stood there topless doing her ironing. She must have seen me standing there in all my glory as the bathroom window is only semi transparent but she did not move away although having had a pee my hard on returned seeing this gorgeous young lady semi naked with her nipples stood out like chapel hat pegs.

I rushed back to the bedroom and told my wife what I had seen and her not believing me and calling me a dirty sod so I said look for yourself. So slightly peeved she got out of bed bending over the windowsill and slightly moved the curtain to

one side so she could see. This left her bare arse stuck in the air and quick as a flash I was up her to the hilt resulting in the

curtains been pushed back and the wifes top half been clearly visible to the neighbour, despite her trying to pull away I pounded into, her tits now clear of her nighty and swinging madly of there own free will. at this point I was still partly obscured by the curtain but it was obviously clear that the wife was getting a good pounding. She had now started to push back onto my cock and was approaching another climax as I looked over at the neighbour I could see why ,she had removed her pants and was now stood fully in front of the window with two fingers up her, at this I pulled our curtains fully open and turned the wife sideways so the neighbour could see me sliding in and out of the wife .

This resulted in her inserting another finger and pulling her already enlarged nipples hard and mouthing that she was cumming My wife also saw this and said so am I please pull out and shoot all over my tits.

With a massive effort the wife pulled off me and spun round just as I let go splashing cum over her face and tits a few seconds later we looked over to see our neighbour squirting all over her window but then just as quickly drawing her curtains just as we did.

My wife went to the bathroom cleaned herself up and then got into bed and never mentioned this again. On the other hand our neighbour but that's another story.