Written by Lucky fuck

28 Jun 2014


I knew I had to have her from the Moment I saw her, 22 years old, sexy as a peach, long flowing brunette hair, body of a goddess and completely empty headed. My neighbours daughter was a off limits, but fuck it! Everybody chances their arm sometimes.

Now I'm no stud, 43 years old, bit of a gut and not the best looking, but in applied myself to the task in hand, her dad worked all the time and mum didn't give a fuck, so I started it with chat and compliments, taking an interest in the vacuous shite she liked, her mum caught us chatting over the fence many a time, tried her best to keep us from talking, but soon gave up her daughter to the inevitable.

The hot summer rolled on, barbecues in my garden, compliments and confidences given and taken til one morning we were in my kitchen and she hugged me close, my fucking ticker going like the clappers as I pulled back and planted a kiss on her lips, her mouth opened to allow my probing tongue into her mouth, my hands sliding into her shorts, feeling her bare ass, Kate threw her head back and gasped as my lips pressed onto her breast, pulling her bra aside to suck her nipple, I was expecting her to pull away, but she just groaned.

I lifted her onto my kitchen table, pulled her bra down and set to my delicious work, licking sucking and kissing those gorgeous nubs, sweet strawberries for my lips, going for broke I kissed down her flat stomach, expecting her protest, but instead giggles as I pulled her shorts down and over her smooth legs, she opened wide and I didn't waste a second of her invitation, going straight to her clit, her pussy clean and tasty as I tongued her to heaven, hips raised off the table as her delicious sex was plundered and used, one last suck on her clit and her ass crashed down onto the table as she came, sobbing as I lightly stroked my way up her body, my fingers finding her nipples, pinching and rolling them, head down for a cheeky suck.

Hips raised again only to crash back down as her second of the day drove her crazy.

I stood up, undoing my jeans, my cock hot with need for her sweet sex, grabbing her legs and forcing her toes into my mouth, then apart again as I fed my cock into her dripping sex, I would like to say I lasted for hours and gave this sweet fuckpig a god like session, but that would be a lie, as soon as I slipped into her tight young pussy it was in trouble.

My ass was going ten to the dozen, Kate squealing as my cock fucked her, holding onto the table for dear life. But it couldn't last, she was too much for this old bastard, my balls roiled and tightened and cracked as I spurted rope after boiling rope into her pussy, I stood the watching her, my heart was hammering, Kate licked a finger, looked into my eyes and tickled her clit, she was beautiful.

I moved my hips back and forth in a slow rhythm, my bell end aching but it felt so good, Kate's fingers left her clit to smooth and play with my pubes, then she lightly tickled my balls, first one side then both sides, my hips moved closer, my legs hitting the table edge.

Climbing off the table Kate asked where my bedroom was, then she grabbed my cock and pulled me upstairs, I must have looked a right fucking idiot but I didn't protest, we entered my bedroom and she sat on the bed, beckoning my closer, he soft hand smoothed over my ass, stroking my thighs and my inner leg leaning forward to plant sexy little kisses on my pubes, licking my shaft, kissing my foreskin and down to worship my balls, light licks and kisses has me groaning as my sore cock began to harden again, smiling, she rubbed my poor bellend over her face, then oh Christ!......Her lips and tongue set to work, her head moving back and forth as I was treated to the best sucking off I can remember.

I warned her my cum was close, gently she pulled away and stood up, then she asked me to climb onto the bed, the dignified position of kneeling on my bed, face buried in the sheets, Kate milking my cock as she stroked my balls, another warning and she pulled away again, teasing me as she ran her finger down my ass crack, my hips bucked as she hit my asshole, I heard her laugh as with one hand she grabbed one cheek, then with the other my cock, her tonged licked my asshole as my cock was wanked, I howled and gripped the sheets, the pleasure was driving me insane, then just before my cum she stopped again, pushing my ass further along the bed, she led back and grabbing my legs pulled herself under my groin, my cock touching her nose, she pushed a finger against my shitter, me biting the sheets as my asshole gave way, burning as she sought and found my prostate, keeping the finger there as her tongue found my cock, guiding it to her lips, and that was it, she mercilessly sucked me off as she tickled my prostate, there was no pulling away, no teasing this time, as for the second time that afternoon my balls cracked and I shot the thickest spunk I have ever shot, Kate rested her head on the sheets as I watched two more ropes fire into her open mouth.

Her finger didn't stop through, just kept massaging my prostate until, looking down a saw my cock extended towards her mouth and the beautiful agony of one more rope shoot, I was spent, and Kate had mercy. I sat back on the bed and Kate sat besides me, she smiles and my spunk dripped out, she swallowed. Heaven.

Hope you enjoyed x