Written by Msyorks

19 Apr 2015

I still taste the salt and tang of him on my lips, roll it around and back over my tongue, savoring it. He rolls out of bed and I stay, watching him pad out of the room."Relax a minute," he says. The light turns on in the bathroom followed by the sound of water running I hesitate to move at all, though I'd rather have followed him. Finally, I dare to trace my fingertips over the warm spot on the sheet he'd just vacated mmm.

I tug lightly on a strand of my hair, remembering how he'd tangled his fingers into it, exposing my throat while his right hand caressed it. "Harder," I'd begged. It must have enraged him because he pushed my face down into the mattress, jerking my ass up. His free hand shoved his palm between my shoulder blades violently, his fist grinding into the back of my skull even as the awkward angle drove my hips up higher unceremoniously like a beast in heat. Which I couldn't have denied. I struggled, trying to get air but the pillows kept sliding further into the indentation. My lungs burned and i started to have doubts as to whether or not i would survive this. Drool was soaking the sheet uncomfortably, bit it wasn't the only thing that was wet. "Better" He growled, allowing me to turn my head slightly and gulp air.

His fingers had dug into my side so hard that the marks would be visible for days to come. He had slammed into me so hard he drove noises from me uncontrollably. The window covering fluttered in my sight, reminding me that any one of my four neighbouring houses and a small stretch of open street had a plain view of our exertions. Careful not to shift my position, I had reached out to pull them closed. And was rewarded with a slap so hard I'd yelped. "Leave it." He reached over me and pulled them open wider. I'd whimpered. He'd laughed and slapped me again, harder, before finishing.The bathroom is steaming. The humidity creeps into the frigid room, his voice with it. "You're taking too long." I jump out of bed, to find him erect and waiting with water spilling over him. He looks at me expectantly. "Again." I drop to my knees.