21 Apr 2016

Here's my 2nd story about my Wife Lyn, at this time we had been married 3-4 months and a mate of mine, Chris, I used to work with when I was a young apprentice, came around home one Saturday as we hadn't seen each other for a couple of years. I introduced him to Lyn who was 19 years old , with me being 24 and Chris 25, it was a nice day and we sat chatting in our back garden , while Lyn went to make some cool drinks as Chris told me I had a cracker of a Wife there !

He couldn't take his eyes off Lyn as she sat back in her denim mini skirt on the grass her lovely legs out stretched , with her vest top moulded to her top half outlining her skimpy bikini top filled with her firm 36E boobs and erect nipples standing up. We chatted and Lyn asked him about his Motor bike as he had taken off his helmet and leather jacket when he came in, not something she has shown any interest in before, Chris suggested he would show us his bike and we went round to our front drive to take a look.

Lyn was always dead against Motor bikes in our previous chats, but Chris happily chatted away with Lyn taking it all in , he even asked her if she wanted to sit on the bike , with a bit of encouragement Lyn said ok ,as Chris told me to hold the back of the bike as he took it off the stand . He stood holding the handlebars as Lyn climbed on, I watched his face as I knew what he would be seeing , the sight of Lyn's legs either side of the saddle , her skirt pushed up showing her pussy thru the see through g string that I had encouraged her to put on that morning.

Lyn leant forward to hold the handlebars , giving him a glimpse down her top at her boobs, I noticed he moved a hand down on to the tank , seeing his hand creep down till it was between Lyn's legs as he calmly chatted away explaining things to Lyn and I , from my position at the back of the bike still. We were both invited to come along to the next Bike night at a Pub/Hotel very near to us , as Chris said he would like to introduce us to his mates who go and to see the variety of bikes that turn up.

I was surprised to hear Lyn saying yes we would go along as Chris got ready to leave , she gave him a kiss and we waved him off , the evening of the bike night soon came around and I noticed Lyn was wearing almost the same style of clothing plus a denim jacket as when Chris had popped around to see us. We soon found Chris and he introduced us to his mates and he took us on a tour round to look at all the other bikes, after I said I would get us some drinks leaving Lyn with Chris to chat to the lads.

When I returned I went over to the lads but noticed Chris and Lyn were missing, one lad Mitch who was a very tall , tanned & fit looking guy told me they had gone for a ride , he said so you not got a bike then, I nodded as he went on to say well Lyn seems to like bikes and seems up for a good ride , I heard some sniggers from some of the other lads stood there, I knew straight away what he meant .

The lads all chatted with me till Chris & Lyn returned, I saw Chris holding Lyn's hand as he walked over with her, they were both smiling an looked to have enjoyed themselves , Lyn came over to kiss me saying did you miss us as Chris took me out on his bike for a ride , I caught Chris giving a sly grin as she said that !

We all stood drinking and chatting , I noticed Chris go to chat with Mitch at one stage as shortly after Mitch came over to ask Lyn if she wanted to go for another ride with him on his bike which was a bigger bike than Chris's with a wider seat. I heard Lyn tell him no but would like to another time, as it had got a lot cooler and guessed Lyn was feeling a bit cold , as she came back to cuddle up next to me . We soon said our goodbyes as the lads made us promise to come along the next bike night.

When we got in Lyn said she was going for a shower as I watched the TV, she came down in a robe to make a drink, as I went up to our bathroom , I locked the door and found her g string hidden in the washing bin pulled it out to feel it was very wet and I could smell the aroma of Chris's cum.

The next bike night soon came around and Lyn had worn a t-shirt without a bra and a leather mini skirt she had only worn in the bedroom before with a new g-string with a warmer jacket of mine on top , we met Chris and the lads who all gave Lyn a kiss pulling her up against them. We had a drink looking at the other bikes , I saw the lads giving Lyn's bum a pat and the odd grope , then Mitch turned up asking Lyn if she wanted a ride as Chris and I went over to see Lyn pull on a helmet and climb up on the back of Mitch's bike which involved her spreading her legs apart and a few wolf whistles from some of the other guys there as they got a view up her skirt.

This time I glanced at my watch and nearly a hour later Mitch and Lyn hadn't come back , Chris had wandered off and I had been chatting to another lad Denny I asked if he knew where they had gone , he said yes ! I asked him if he would take me there on his bike , he said yes can do Man ! but you might not like what you see ?

I told him I know you guys are going to fuck her , just drop me off so I can see , he grinned ! , you want to see her get some cock then ? , Yes ok Man!, he said I was just on my way up there anyway I will drop you off just short , you walk up, watch an don't interrupt and I will give you a lift back later ok, I just nodded !

He got me a helmet we set off to a nearby beauty spot , he dropped me off told me to stay out of site and where to go to watch as he sped away, I made my way till I was a few yards away from a picnic bench where Mitch was sat with his feet on the seat as Lyn's head was bobbing up and down sucking on his cock with both Mitch & Denny's bikes parked up nearby. I watched Denny take his jacket off and walk over to watch Lyn sucking Mitch's cock , I saw Lyn 's skirt laid on the bike her top pulled up her boobs bouncing, her g-string on the grass, Mitch nodded at Denny as he stepped out of his boots and jeans to sit up next to Mitch .

I then saw Lyn move over to suck Denny's cock as Mitch moved behind Lyn , his cock was a good size in proportion to his height he bent his knees as he spread Lyn's legs apart sliding his cock inside her , he reached under her to rub her boobs as Lyn groaned , her mouth was busy licking and sucking on Denny's cock now , he was grinning at Mitch as he fucked my Wife and I could see Denny was trying to glance around to see if he could see me watching.

I could hear Mitch telling Lyn by the time you go back to your old man tonight you will have had 3 lots of cum inside your wet cunt as Denny is going to fuck you in awhile after I have put my 2nd load up inside you, does your old man know his wife is going to get fucked by all the lads over the next few weeks !

As Denny held Lyn's head down I could see him mouthing to Mitch that I was watching, as Denny nodded in my direction after obviously seeing me watching, Mitch looked over at me nodded as he kept talking to Lyn, he asked her if her old man knew that Chris had fucked her last week, as Denny lifted her head to be able to answer ! As Lyn took a deep breath she told them No! he doesn't know anything and you must not tell him, it would upset him to know, both lads laughed as Denny pressed her head down again & Mitch pulled her hips back onto his cock, Lyn gave a muffled groan !

I watched as Mitch now said aloud what he and Denny were doing to her , shouting he was filling her cunt with his cum , Denny pulled her head up sliding off the table , as Mitch Pulled out his cock shiny with their juice, Denny told Lyn to lay on the table as he stood at the end between her legs . I now saw Denny's hard wet cock he held Lyn's legs wide sliding into her slippery wet cunt now as Mitch knelt on the seat to give Lyn his cock to lick clean.

I looked over to see Denny smiling back at me as he fucked my Wife in front of me making her cum & cum on his hard cock , as Denny began to tease her by asking did she like 2 cocks in her at the same time, as Mitch told her to speak up ! as Lyn said Oh yes ! when they are 2 big cocks like yours both , both lad's smiled at me, as Denny said do you want to suck all the other lads cocks & fuck you Lyn , tell me please as she said Oh yes! Denny said say it louder ! As Lyn shouted YES I WANT THEM ALL TO SUCK AND FUCK ME !!

That proved the point to Denny as he shouted he was cumming as he pulled on Lyn's nipples making her scream with joy not pain, Denny pulled his cock out as if showing me he had just cum in my Wife by squeezing the last few drops from his cock onto her belly. As they got dressed Mitch told Denny he better go back first in case hubs suspects anything if we all come back together, I took the hint moving away along the track waiting for Denny to pick me up, he took me back asking me did I want it kept a secret from Lyn as a few minutes later Mitch came back with Lyn who now looked tired not fresh faced as she was when we came .

We said our goodbyes I turned my head to see Denny & Mitch talking with the others and heard some laughter as we made our way back to our car and the short ride home , Lyn went for a bath as she said she felt tired and ached a bit now, I looked for her g-string in the washing bin when she was in bed but it wasn't to be found and guessed it was taken as a trophy earlier by either Mitch or Denny.

There were other nights of a similar vein and also different stories so if you want to hear more of Lyn's story's let me know ?