Written by wingcj42

7 Feb 2008

I have, shall I say a partner who unexpectedly came to live at my house. I had known her & her husband for over 7 years and used to call in to give work to Susan, as she was self employed working from home due to her husband needing constant care (thats what i thought). About five months ago I went to see them, he was drunk and calling Susan names in poor taste and embarrassing her. I started to get a little concern as she is only 4'9 and he is 6' I suspected he was becoming violent. Anyway after a few weeks she started opening up to me telling me what he had done. Cut the long story down, she rang me one evening telling me he had locked her out of the house and had been violent. I went to collect her and the police got involved. Thats when she started to live in the spare room.

Although not attracted to her i wondered how long it had been since she had had sex. I started taking care of her, taking her out for meals as good friends & as i was single enjoying giving a little bit of pleasure in her life and relaxation etc. What i didn't expect one night when she was quite tipsy coming into the house was that she had seen my computer on and noticed this site. One thing led to another and the next thing my cocks in her mouth and she is telling me this is all she wanted to do that night. The next few days nothing was said until the next weekend when we were out, she asked if i would do her a favour and take her to bed and fuck her as she had not been touched in years. Well what do you do when its offered? She had a dress on that was just above the knees and i started to slowly touch her down her spine & she just shivering, i started to touch her at the bar around her cute little arse & noticed no knicker line, i asked her if she had a thong on, she said maybe you might find out to night. I was getting very horny by this & wanting to go home and fuck the living day lights out of her, She had gone to the ladies, when she came back her fist was tightly closed, she asked if i could put these into my pocket for the night, she pushed the bundle into my hand and said don't look here go to the toilets and look. Yes you've guessed it, it was her thong. Have you tried to have a piss in a crowded pub bog with a hard on? Fuck i was horny! I went back & said right were going home, she just said can we stay out as she was enjoying teasing a man again. So we stayed out and we kept rubbing up against each other for the rest of the night. When we started to walk back to the house i put my arm around her waist and slowly started to raise her dress so i could feel her bare arse, i started to slide my finger through her arse so that i could get to her pussy lips, It was like a flood gate she was soaking wet and moaning. By this time we had to take a short cut over a small field and there is a large rock to one side that you cant see from the roadside. I just grabbed her got my cock out and bent her over the rock, now as i said she is only 4'9 and i am 6'2, i just bent my legs put my cock half way in and then stood up her legs were of the ground but she screamed when i tried to put my cock further in and realised i was a bit big for her. We stopped and she said she needed time to get used to my cock. We got home and we went to bed for the first time & she started to wank my cock & rub her pussy into my leg, then she went down on me and said lets see if it fits once you have cum, well it only took a few minutes before i came all over her tits and she rubbed it in. She then climbed on top of me and slipped my cock half way into her pussy and said don't move i need to get used to this. That was the start of us having sex nearly every night.

You might think this is the end but there is more. Three weeks ago she got a letter from a club asking if she wanted to join a group into a swingers, there was no address or number on it. Her first thought was that i had sent it, i said that if i thought she was into threesomes and swingers clubs i would have asked her to do it with me on this site. It struck her that maybe her husband was behind it as he had said derogatory remarks to her in the past. She asked lot of her friends but never found out who sent it. As this was going on and talking in bed i asked if she had ever done a threesome, the answer most defiantly not! I started to stroke her back and asked if what her husband had said was true that she had been with another man and she admitted that she had had a few flings in the past when she was working for this big company many years ago. This got me horny & i asked her to tell me what she had done. As she was telling me, i got my finger on her clit & slipped my cock between her lips from behind & started to push my cock around her pussy lips. She was breathing heavy as she was talking, I asked her did they fuck her hard, she started to cum but didn't reply so i put my cock to the entrance of her hole & asked her again, did they fuck her hard, she said yes, I pushed my cock right up her in one push & she came again. She then said that she sometimes liked a man to do what they liked to her in a dominant way. This was new to us as a couple as we had never done this type of roll play. I then said well i think i am going to fuck you hard now and use you for being naughty, She came over and over again, the sheets were soaking!

Last week while i was fucking her from behind lying on top of her, i asked if she had found out anything more about the letter the answer was no. She then said that she was sorry that she had accused me but she new i had had a threesome. I was close to her ear and said did that disgust you, she just said no. I asked her had she thought about a threesome since then? She said maybe, I then pushed my cock right up her and said so you've been thinking about it then? she came but at the same time said yes! I started to fuck her hard and said i can just imagine you sucking a cock while i am fucking you like this and him Cumming over your breasts and face. She was on another planet Cumming & Cumming, I turned her over took my cock out & cum all over her. When we had calmed down I asked her if she was wanting to go further with a threesome, she said no but she realised how horny i got when we talk about it. We have been out to a few pubs & i am now asking her if she fancies that man or this one, at the same time whispering in her ear & stroking her back, that she could if she liked him. This has gone on for a while & now when i have been out i have said remember his face for tonight cos i want you to imagine him fucking you tonight when my cock is up you. I know it wont be long before she will do it. I have also said that if she wants to fuck someone she can as long as she tells me what happened.

Hope to tell you shortly what happens next.