Written by Lin

27 Dec 2017

I am the luckiest of women . I will tell you why ,but first a little adventure .

After being given the full treatment by Ricky , I needed a rest ,both mind and body . The marks faded ,but the degradation stayed with me . I wanted a change of scene so drove to Portsmouth and caught the ferry to France . A few days in some lovely hotels ,excellent food and charming people began to give me back a better feeling about myself . To the extent that on the return night ferry I remembered a lay by that had an all night snack bar , it is not far from the ferry ,on the way to the M4 .

I left the ferry in just heels and shortish coat .I knew I looked good as I was groped in the rush to get to the cars when we docked !

It was a short drive to the lay by and there was a group of blokes there , but cars ,no lorries . Before getting out I undid the zip on my coat . Luckily it wasn’t too cold .

“What can we do for you?” Well someone get me a coffee and then you can think about what I might do for you “

This resulted in two leaving ,must be losing my touch ,but the remaining two were hooked . I was prodded and squeezed as I drank my coffee and when finished I undid their zips and got their tackle out . Notting to shout about ,but erect and interested . I had a good shower and clean on the ferry ,so was able to offer all three holes .

My coat was off and I was bent over a car bonnet and fucked in my cunt and arse . All the familiar feelings flowed through me ,helped by being naked with traffic passing . As a thank you I cleaned them up with my mouth ,put a towel on the car seat , dropped my coat on the passenger seat and drove home .I arrived just before six and was able to walk from the garage to my house naked . I love it .

Now why I am lucky .Ricky who took me to the limit got me two Christmas presents .first heavy gold chains for an ankle and neck .They were both close fitting and put on by the jeweller using gold rivets so they could not be removed .I looked an absolute whore ! The best was yet to come though . Ricky told me he would like me to meet someone he had come across at the gym . His was known as Lenny and he had history ,but there was much I would like about him . I was instructed as to what to wear ,very little and not subtle .

They both arrived on time and I was introduced to Lenny . He was in his late twenties ,built like a brick outhouse and not very bright . He stared at my tits and when I kissed him on his cheek ,his hand went on my cunt and it took both Ricky and I to get him off .

I told him to sit down and not move . I took Ricky into the kitchen and asked him what the hell was he thinking of? He explained that Ricky had recently return from being a guest of Her Majesty for assault and he was on the sex sex offenders register and was quite likely to go back in again .Ricky thought I might keep him out and he might be just what I was looking for .

I was curious and we hurried through the meal ,with Lenny silent but staring !

Ricky pulled me upstairs ,pulled my wrap off and stripped .Lenny did the same .Oh my goodness ,where blokes had a prick .Lenny had a third arm! Not too long ,plenty long enough though ,but so thick and heavy .

Rick spoke to Lenny ,telling him to wait his turn , he didn’t have to hold back and that I would let him do anything .

Ricky went first ,but didn’t take long . He finished in my mouth and told Lenny I was all his .

I felt I was on a rugby pitch! No finess ,my legs were put up in the air,spread wide and he was in me . It was furious ,my insides were being rearranged by this massive cock ,the weight on me made it difficult to breath and he was going a hundred miles an hour . It couldn’t last ,I couldn’t last and I felt him shoot up in me . He trapped my head and held me whist I cleaned him ,but he did not go limp!

I was rolled over and let out a shriek as my arse was speared by him and he was away again . He had no off switch and hammered away at me again his weight made it difficult to breath and I knew my arse was not going to recover from this . It had gone quite slack and very wet . My insides were doing a conger whilst he continued to wreck both my bed and me .

He started to pant and the collapsed .

Before I had recovered he was up my cunt again .I seriously wanted help and looked for Ricky but he wasn’t in the room .then I heard his car drive off and I was alone with this giant of a man who seemed to want to go on for ever .

This time though he didn’t cum , but stopped in me and my goodness ,he spoke .I am sorry he said ,but I am going to have to stop for a while I burst out laughing and gave him a long deep kiss .

I was in real pain and very sore and took myself to the bathroom .I felt old ,walking was an effort ,peeing stung and the tissue almost disappeared in my arse . A shower helped and I returned to the bedroom . Lenny helped me put clean sheets on and we lay together .He told me that Ricky said I couldn’t get enough and that’s what he tried to give me . I was happy to assure him that he was the best by miles and he was wonderful .I said I would always be ready for him and if he wanted I would be just for him. He asked me if he had hurt me and I said that everything he did was fine by me .

I fell asleep, but was awoken through the night and fucked .I don’t know what Lenny got out of it though because he must have felt he was fucking a rag doll .

In the morning I crawled to the bathroom no lie . I went back to bed and wrapped myself around Lenny . He kiss me and said he loved me . Heaven .