Written by Lin

8 Feb 2018

My downward spiral continues . Lennie is in jail . He was involved ,or started a mass brawl just after Christmas and was arrested an the police opposed bail . I visited and he told me that with his record he is expecting at least five years . Even with time off for good behaviour ,which he says he has never got ,he won’t be out for three years . I will continue to visit ,but other than that Lennie is no longer part of my life .

Talking to my favourite lorry driver after he had fucked me last week he mentioned a pud which had a glory hole in the gents .he said it was very popular as the walls were wood and were quite thin . He said it was a busy pub ,not just for gays and he thought I might be interested . Can a duck swim ?

I went there last Week to see what it was like . The loos were next to each other so nobody would suspect when I left the bar ,so that was good. I went in the gents and both were locked .A quick bend down to look under the door let me see one guy on his knees and another standing pressed against the wooden partition .No prizes there . I went back several times ,but both doors were shut .

Whilst sitting at the bar I watched and as soon as anybody came out of the corridor to the loos somebody got up and went down there and it wasn’t always a man !

I left the pub about ten and went to my lay-by as I was so hot for it . Two shags later ,full of cum ,I drove home .

Next night I was in the pub as soon as the doors were open . Straight down to the gents and wonder of wonders ,one booth was already shut .I went into the other and sat down on the loo .there was a gap under the wooden partition and a shoe was briefly push under . I returned the invite with my stiletto and then a prick was pushed through the hole . I wrapped my lips around it and suck hard .It got stiffer with a nice curve on it . I couldn’t position my cunt to take it, but if I bent my knees I could push my arse against the hole . I was rewarded with a cock going into my arse and quickly filling it with cum . I squeezed hard as he slid out to keep the cum in me . A few sheets of loo roll plugged me .

My legs were trembling through bending my knees ,so I took my shoes off . The floor was filthy so I took my stockings off along with everything else . Standing naked in this filth turned me on more than ever .

A new shoe under the partition was stroked by my bare foot . The foot was removed ,the door opened and a tap on mine ,

. I opened it and a bloke in his forties slid in . His hands went straight to my tits and cunt and I responded by unzipping him and sucking .He had a nice one ,so I slipped my shoes on so he could enter my cunt .As he fucked me I pull the tissue from my arse and felt liquid running down my leg.