Written by Steve&Becky

10 Nov 2015

following on from my previous one, see never thought about sharing until now , posted yesterday. After reading lipspreader8 comment I decided to take the bull by the horns and talk to Becky about it. I told her that if things were to happen further then its ok, as long as she was open and honest with me and told me about it.

She asked what I meant and I said that if Tony, or anyone else, made a move and she fancied it then its fine as long as I knew, no secrets. She asked what I meant by make a move, so I explained that I didn't mind her playing around as long as it was just a bit of fun. I thought that I had blown it as she went quiet but after some time Becky asked what I meant by "playing around" did I mean wanking.

She had forced my hand or called my bluff, so I replied that whatever she felt she wanted to do, whether it be wanking or being touched, sucking or more. "More?" she asked. Ok here goes I thought... "if you want to have sex with him". "Fucks sake Steve, you mean getting laid?". Possibly was all I replied.. letting her ponder what I had said. Sex last night was fantastic, as it always is with Becky. Hopefully a seed had been sown but still I wasn't sure anything further would happen.

Today I decided to take the day off work and when I woke Becky was already up, making tea in the kitchen. I went down and she looked gorgeous in her gown, going up behind her I slipped my hands around her fondling a breast. "Morning horny man" she said, " a day together is it? Or do you want me to meet my lover" she joked. We sat at the table drinking our drinks when her phone bleeped. At first she ignored it then it bleeped again. I glanced don and saw that she had a text from Tony. I knew she had his number for work purposes but didn't realise that they ever texted.

Becky saw me looking and she said that Tony was texting to find people to cover someone who had phoned in sick. Becky then nipped upstairs to the loo and as if on cue her phone bleeped again. I glanced around and couldn't help myself, picking up her phone I opened up the texts. It became obvious that quite a few texts had been sent prior to me getting up. The first one was from Tony simply saying "morning horny bitch", then another "wat u up to" and Becky had replied "pottering about in the kitchen".

The next text from Tony was " wat u wearing", Becky had replied "wouldn't you like to know lol". There were three more texts all from Tony, obviously the ones she had received when I was up. One was saying "show me wat u r wearing" the next was "come on u know u want to" and the last one was saying how hard he was thinking of her and how he would like to fuck her on the kitchen table". I was stroking my growing cock when I suddenly realised Becky was stood in the doorway watching me.

She grabbed her phone from me and realised that I had been reading her texts. I expected a blasting but instead she said it looks like its turning me on. I said it was. Then her phone bleeped again, she looked and went red. I asked what was up and she said oh nothing. I pushed again and she said, don't go mad and showed me the text. It was an MMS, a short 3 second video of Tony playing with his cock. I laughed and said that the poor lad needs putting out of his misery. She started to say sorry but I just said its fine, there's no harm in it. I then suggested that she tease him a bit. Becky said she wasn't sure about that so I just patted the chair next to me and took her phone from her, before she could object I had replied saying "looks like it needs some attention".

"wat u have in mind" Tony replied

"what would you like" I replied

"wanna strip u naked and lick ur pussy and then fuck u" he replied

By now Becky was giggling calling me a sod for teasing him so. So I replied "but I am a happily married woman".

The next text was pretty obvious what it was going to be... "Hubby dnt need to know". I looked at Becky and typed "true" and pressed send.

His next reply was "so u wanna me to fuck U? wanna feel my hard cock in u"

Becky said that its getting out of hand now and stop, but I couldn't resist one last one, so I typed "maybe maybe not, depends if you can last longer than when I had wanked you lol". The next couple of texts was again asking her what she was wearing and to show him.

You cant leave it at that I said, theres no harm here, why not show him? You are kidding me she said. I said just show him your cleavage or such. Becky could see how excited I was and said are you sure, which I replied yes. She picked up her phone and after pulling the top of her robe open a bit took a photo of her cleavage. "sure" she asked, and I nodded, then she pressed send. It was about five minutes before she got a reply. Tony was asking to see more, show him her tits or better still her pussy.

I suggested Becky sends him more but she wasn't convinced. A couple more texts from Tony saying please and how he would delete them afterwards. My hand slipped inside her robe feeling her breast, feeling how hard her nipples were.

Go on send him one of your boobs I said. Becky tied by each time part of her boob was missing from the shot so I suggested she go to the mirror and take one. As she stood in front of the mirror I stopped her and said here try this and slipped her robe off her shoulders and on to the floor. The photo she took was obvious she was now naked although could only see between her neck and her waist. The next text was asking her to show more, but Becky said enough and texted back "right off for a shower, enjoy your day".

About an hour later Tony texted again asking if I was home. I told Becky to say she was alone which she did. Tony then asked if she fancied having some fun and it transpired he was wanting to FaceTime with her. We discussed this for a bit and I convinced her that if it got out of hand or she felt uncomfy then she could always terminate the call. Eventually Becky texted back to say "Give me ten minutes"

I told Becky to get undressed and she did leaving herself in her bra and pants then told her to go to the spare room (I didn't want him to see what our bedroom was like, weird but a kind of safety mechanism I suppose). I said that I would be in our bedroom and if she needed to end the call quickly she would start fake coughing and I would make out that I had just arrived home.

Just as I was leaving Becky alone her phone started ringing, its Tony she said. I just smiled blew a kiss and said have fun. Before leaving I had told Becky to make sure her phone was on speaker so I could hear things and also give her free hands. As soon as I was out she answered the call.

There was a bit of light chat then I heard Tony ask if she liked his cock and how hard it was. He was asking her to strip off, as far as Becky was concerned I was in our room where in fact I was still in the landing where I was able to watch and listen. I watched as Becky lent the phone against some books on the dresser adjusting it so she could frame her body whilst sat on the bed. I watched as egged on by Tony she unclipped her bra and took it off. Tony was saying how he wanted to suck her tits and how he wanted to fuck her. After a few minutes of Tony badgering Becky to strip off completely I watched as my wife stood then slipped her panties down and off, sitting back down. I could hear Tony saying " you want me to fuck you with this big hard cock" and "tell me". Becky then said "I want you to fuck me, push your hard cock into me, fuck me hard". Tony was obviously wanking and said he wanted to cum soon but wanted to see Becky cum first. I think all thoughts of me were now gone from Beckys mind as she opened her legs exposing her married pussy to her single boss, laying back her hands went down and she was stroking her pussy. The next five minutes or so turned into a mutual wank, Becky was definitely enjoying being watched and it wasn't long before her orgasm hit her as she moaned and bucked. I heard Tony saying he was going to cum then a dull grunt. Once they had both calmed down a bit Tony said how much he would like to ram his young cock in Beckys married cunt and make her cum before emptying his balls deep in her. Becky just said "you never know what may happen" and ended the call.

As I went back in to her she was laid on the bed, legs wide, her wet pussy glistening from her own fingers and told me to fuck her. Which of course I obliged. Afterwards we laid curled up and I asked if she had enjoyed it with Tony., which she had. We chatted and although she still thinks I am joking I did say that if she wanted Tony to fuck her its fine as long as she obeyed some rules... not in our bed.. always a condom... no kissing... and tell me.. everything.

I am hoping that the seed is well and truly planted now. And anyway what a great day off I have had, as just finished dumping my second load into Beckys great pussy and whilst tying this Becky is texting or should I say Sexting Tony :-)