Written by Fanny

3 Jun 2009

The reason everything sopped after 10 years was my husband died suddenly leaving me a widow of 41. For 9 months I existed went to work came home nothing made sense Ken & Barbie were great but I was not ready to go back to mixing and swinging with friends without Bill.

One morning I woke up looked in the mirror and saw aface I did not recognise my vitality was gone, my hair was neglected I knew I had to get back on track. That day I started to spring clean, throw out old clothes anything that I thought I would`nt need and at the back of the garage I found my old hiking boots. Before we had great jobs Bill and I had no money so our week-ends were spent hill walking in the Peak District or the Dales.

A plan of action I phoned my boss said I wanted a month off or I would resign he granted it. I packed a rucksack with a few clothes put my boots in the car left Ken & Barbie to look after the house and that night I drove all the way to Scotland the Cairngorms. I found an out of the way B&Bs and the next morning I did a short walk into the hills, to say every bone in my body ached my feet were sore well that was fact. I thought I was fit WRONG. It took about 2 weeks to get my legs to not feel as if they belonged to someone else and my trousers were a little looser and my legs had a bit of muscle on them.

I started to make my way down the country and just about Haderians Wall booked into a farmhouse off the beaten track run by a young couple. One evening as I came back to the farmhouse dusk had fallen and the farmhouse was litten up, I looked in the kitchen window and was about to raise my hand hello when I saw them in a very passionate clinch I couldn`t move the intamcy of them was spellbinding his hands roamed her body.He moved them under her blouse squeezing her breasts, her hands were clenching his buttocks and she was slowly rubbing herself against him. Their mouths were open their tongues darting in and out. She brought her hand to the front and she was obviously rubbing his cock, she slowly sank to her knees unzipped him and took out his cock and started to suck. For the first time in a year I was sexually aroused the heat between my legs and the wetness, I couldn`t stop watching them. He held the back of her head and started to thrust into her mouth quickly, he drew back and His cock jerked a stream of cum over her face, at the moment I had my orgasm, my knickers absolutely soaken. I moved quickly from the window in case they saw me, leaning against the wall my legs felt like jelly, what I wouldn`t have given to have a man at that moment to give me a good hard ride, no affection just a pure hard fuck.

That night as I had my shower and started to soap myself my fingers went to my clit I rubbed myself, having a shuddering orgasm, my next quest was to find myself that man to give me that no strings hard ride.

I will tell where I found him and next part of my new beginning .