Written by fanny

18 Jun 2009

In the property section was an auction for a farmhouse some land which also had a cottage. I drove out to the property which was out on the moors and immediately knew this is what I wanted. It was a 7 bedroom farmhouse with a cottage that had recently been renovated and was being used as a holiday let. I was lucky with the sale of my house and money from Bill`s insurance I was able to bid on it and I got it. My first job was to renovate the house into a 4 bedroom en-suite and use it for B&B and I would live in the cottage. It was hard going but I made a success of it mostly with hill walkers and passing trade.

I had been doing this for about 3 years and it was my 45 birthday and I was feeling a bit sorry for myself when the phone rang and a voice asked if I had rooms for 4 people I took the booking and that phone call was the next part to my new beginning.

A week later the 4 arrived all men but one stood out he was over 6feet a head of red blond curly hair. He looked about 20 but was in fact 35 and I was smitten. At the end of their stay 3 went down into the village to the pub but Mike stayed behind. It was a lovely evening and I went into the garden with some wine watching the sunset Mike joined me and we talked well into the night even after the others came back. I stood up to go in and go to bed and Mike followed me in as I stood in the kitchen I felt his hands on my shoulders and he turned me round he kissed me and my lips parted under his and soon it was a long passionate kiss. His hands moved to cup my breast and he looked into my eyes the unasked question could he carry on, I smiled and started to unbutton his shirt my hands running over his chest to his nipples I squeezed them feeling them harden. He pulled down my zip and pulled my dress from my snoulders taking my tits from my bra and starting to suck on my nipples, I undid his trousers putting my hand inside his pants feeling his rigid cock, groaning he said slowly I don`t want to come to quick. We were soon naked just running our hands over each others bodies. He sat on a chair and I straddled him impaling myself on his cock, I started to ride him his hands clutching my but. I can`t hold on much longer and I felt his spunk fill my pussy. As he softened inside me I climbed of and sank to my knees taking his sticky cock into my mouth and licked and sucked until I felt him harden again, he gripped my hair pulling my face up and kissed me his tongue tasting my and his juices from my mouth. He said do you like doggy love it I said. I lay over the table my legs parted and he drew his finger from the base of my neck to between the cheeks of my bum tickling at my bum hole then plunging his fingers into my very wet and spunk filled pussy, he ran his cock between the cheeks of my bum and and then plunged into my pussy thrusting hard, I came and came he was thrusting so hard the table was moving. My legs were jerking with the intensity of it and suddenly he came again filling me with his spunk and he collapsed on to my back his teeth sinking into my shoulder.

He pulled me up from the table held me close and said that was so intense, we dressed He to his room me to my cottage. The next morning as I cooked breakfast for them all we did not have a chance to speak and they left and I was left with a feeling of loss.

A week later I heard a car and as I looked out of the window I saw Mike. I have thought about you all week Fanny and I had to see you again He pulled me to him kissing me passionately I dragged him into the house the surprise on his face as I started pulling at his clothes, I have been thinking about you to I said now fuck me, and there on the living room floor my skirt round my waist his trousers at his ankles he gave me a good hard ride. After it was over we lay gasping for breath, you no you are so much younger than me, I don`t care I want to be with you.

And so we have been together 10 years I introduced him to swinging hence these stories on this page and he introduced me to some of his friends who were up for 3 somes as we indulged in my fantasies. Maybe the age difference is what lets me still have a very active and diverse sex life with Mike.

This is the end of my new beginning Mike and I have had a few exploites over the years if you want I can carry on?