30 Jan 2017

At the time of this story I was just 25 years old , I had been driving a few years and had never had a accident until the first time I took out my Hubs New Range Rover I had to go to the local town early morning and had to use the multi-storey car park, I was doing ok until I had to leave , as I turned past a pillar I didn't notice a small hand rail sticking out and caught the back door leaving a dent of about a foot or more long.

I thought to myself oh what have I done, not wanting my Hubs to see in case he never let me use the car again , (even tho he is very forgiving and with a flash of stockings he would have said no more LOL ) and went to see a Family friend of ours who had done work for my Dad and operated out of a nearby well known local garage doing all their repair and re-spray work, he Len was in his 50's and had a guy of similar age who used to work with him Terry.

I had a word with Len & Terry as Len said to me if you come back about 7 tonight we will see what we can do but we may need it overnight it will depend how quick we can get the paint in, I told him that would be ok as my Hubs was working away that night and had gone out in the Firm's van leaving me able to use his New car so I made arrangements for a friend to collect my daughter from school and stay the night with her.

I told Len & Terry they were life savers and gave them both a kiss on the cheek, Len cheekily said well we might want a bit more than that if we can get this done for you tonight, darling ??, I walked off back to my house and spent the afternoon waiting for the phone to ring , but it didn't , so I went for a long soak in the bath got out to dry myself, just as the phone rang and it was Len, I glanced at the clock to see it was about 6pm .

He told me they were getting on well with it and if I wanted to wander on down to see them around 7 - 7-30ish that night he would be able to tell me more, well I was very excited at his words and ran back upstairs to dry myself and decided that I would dress up for them after their cheeky remark they had made earlier. I have always liked to dress well and smartly and like to wear some nice undies along with my stockings and suspenders which Hubs likes to see me in , so I thought I would wear a matching black bra ,suspender an g-string set I had recently purchased, I put it on, rolling some stockings up my legs to clip them in place , looking in the mirror to adjust my seams so they were were straight down the back of my legs with my heels on.

I had decided to wear a black and white check mini skirt which just covered the tops of my stockings along with a black lacey top that hugged my upper body tightly, if you are reading this you probably thinking I am a bit over dressed to go an see my car body repair men, but I had no other thoughts in my head apart from wanting to look tidy for them when they saw me. I slipped a long jacket on that covered my bum as it wasn't the warmest of days along with my 5" heels , I had taken some money out of my bank account earlier to pay them and set off making my way to the spray shop and got a couple of whistles from some lads as I made my way there I arrived about 7-30pm , the lights were on inside as it was pitch black outside now.

I went in thru the office door saw Len and Terry in the workshop underneath another car which was on some stands doing something to it and went over to them and squatted down to chat with them , I had to adjust my position a little to keep my balance and opened my legs a little way apart as I put a hand out on the car to steady myself. They seemed to be busy underneath but from my position I could not actually see their faces so I was talking to them blindly , as the chat carried on I had to keep moving my feet and legs to stay comfortable, they told me they had a heat lamp on the paintwork of my car but it should be Ok quite soon, which I was pleased to hear.

Then Len asked me if I fancied a drink as they were going to have one , so I offered to make them a coffee, got up made my way over to the small sink made 3 drinks and came back with them to squat down again and pass them their drinks under the car . I had just taken a sip of my drink when I heard Len say watch out ! , Oh Fuck it !! ,Terry, you clumsy twat !, I then saw Len roll out from under the car and dash over to the sink splashing cold water down his front , I went over to him and said can I help you Len, I can see the first aid box do you want some savlon and a plaster or something !!!

Well as I said that he turned around to face me saying think you have a big enough plaster for this do you , I looked down to see his trousers undone his pants tucked under his balls and his cock stood up hard, I said oh sorry Len no nothing that big !!.. He looked at me and said you could try a bit of Savlon if you like Su, well I took the tube out put some on my fingers and asked him where it burnt most he grinned at me and said all over, so I rubbed his balls and put my hand around his cock to stroke it up and down.

He said straight away that's better but I think you better do the same for Terry there , as I turned my head to see him stood there, with his cock out of his trousers as well, he came around to stand next to Len , I stood there to take my jacket off a minute and put it on a stand as I suddenly felt hot and don't think it was just the heat from the lamps, I squirted some Savlon on my other hand now as well and found myself rubbing both cocks in my hands .

Then Len said to me I am glad you took me at my word earlier Su , I said what do you mean, he said we are all grown ups here and here's you in those stockings your legs apart showing us everything under that car, I tried to say I hadn't meant too show them everything, they both chirped up with, Don't apologise , Love !!

I hadn't even realised that all the time I had been chatting to them I had not looked at their faces once just at my hands rubbing their meaty cocks for them , then Len broke my gaze for a moment as he said I think you better stop now otherwise your clothes will get covered in our cum, I stopped a moment as Len said something to Terry who broke away to lay some sheet sponge and cotton sheets on top on the floor Len took my hand which was still wrapped around his cock and led me over to the sheets .

Terry went over to lock the door and pull the blinds down as Len told me to lift my arms up and pulled my top off over my head , he said you have a fine pair of titties there Su think us lads better see them now, as I looked at Len still in a state of mild shock, I felt a pair of hands behind me undo my bra and realised Terry was behind me now , he pulled my bra down off my arms as I felt Terry's breath on my neck as his hands dropped my brand came up to cup my boobs , Len said those look lovely Su ,shall we have that skirt off now , feeling Terry now undo the zip of my skirt and push it down past my hips as Len took the chance to cup my boobs now and suck on my nipples.

I heard Terry say lift your feet and saw him put my skirt on a hook, as Len's mouth feasted on my boobs my hands on his head holding him to me, I watched as Terry stripped off, his cock stood proud amongst his forest of grey hairs his balls looked hard and full, it then dawned on me I was about to be fucked by these2 Friends of my Dad and who were both old enough to be my Dad. I heard Terry say to Len shall we get on the mat now then and he knelt behind me pulling me down with him , he quietly asked me to go on all fours as I looked to see Len now stripping off as well, I was surprised to see Len had shaved his hair from around his cock recently making his cock look even bigger to my eyes.

Mean while Terry had pulled my g string aside and was busy licking between my bum crack and opening me up so he could probe my bare pussy with his tongue as well, he told Len she tastes good ,really wet and wants some cock in her , Len sat down in front of me his legs spread wide and grabbed my hair an pulled my head down onto his hard cock, as just as swiftly Terry had pulled my g -string off me roughly, he spread my knees further apart.

I then felt the head of Terry's cock push steadily forward into me past my wet lips ,I was trying to work out in my head what I was enjoying the most as I sucked on Len's big hard cock or Terry's hard cock deep inside me right now, , Terry really began to slam his body against my bare arse as Len said Christ Girl you like to suck cock don't you, as he stopped me and pulled out of my hot wet mouth. I watched as Len went over to a camera on his desk he said loud enough for us all to hear this camera is now going to be used to take some photos of a really sexy body and its not a car body, as he laughed at his own joke.

He moved round me taking photos from all angles , Len said its a pity we don't have a video camera , Terry!! , otherwise we could see some film of you fucking this hot piece of arse, with that big dick of yours and see that cum face you keep putting on her pretty face , as Len said hope you is on the pill, Missy ???, because we got no condoms here and doesn't look like you got any , as we are both going to fill your sweet cunt up with our jizz. Even tho we would both like to put a baby each in your belly, with that Terry started to grunt and groan as he began to fuck me faster, he muttered he was going to explode inside me his finger tips dug in to my flesh as he filled me with his cum.

I was held rigid by Terry till his cock had finished pumping inside me , he raked his fingernails down my back sending shivers thru my body as he praised me for being a excellent fuck , as he moved away, he told Len get in there she is hot for you now as Len passed Terry the camera, he asked me if I was ok on my knees I said I am at the moment as I felt Len's cock now pressing its way deep inside me , as he pumped in an out a few times. Then Len stopped told me to lay on my back as he said as much as I want to fuck you from behind and see your sweet arse shake I want to see your face as I fuck your pretty young cunt , Len had my legs in all sorts of positons as he sunk his cock inside me against his chest and arms over his shoulders he felt so deep inside me as he had me curled up like a ball.

All the while Terry seemed to be taking more photos of us as Len filled me with his cock his hard balls banging against my firm arse as I felt he was hitting parts even Terry couldn't touch I had had many cums that night but I saw stars as Len finally thrust against my clit and filled my pussy with his cum as he pumped inside me. He just lay on me his heart going mad against my chest till we both calmed down , we got up all 3 of us gathering our clothing , I didn't bother to put my undies on just my top an skirt on over my stockings putting the rest in my coat pocket, as I made us all another coffee they rolled my car outside and asked me what I thought said well it looks perfect to me, as Terry said well that's how you looked to us on that mat,.

We drank our coffees and I asked how much I owed them and Len said just £30 notes to cover the paint and we have got some left if you come back again, I said really and put £50 in his hand I said have a drink on me as I haven't had a night like that for some while as I kissed them both and gave their cocks a squeeze as I walked away to my car, I did go back to see them again a couple of years later when some old lady drove her car into mine but that's another story in a very similar vein ( laugh)

I hope you enjoy my story , I have often wondered if my Mum had done similar for them both after the occasional bump she had in her cars in the past, maybe she will tell me one day . Love to hear your comments , xxx Su