Written by aelfric

17 Aug 2014

Adrian could see my discomfort and putting his arm around me, explained the ground rules of the sauna and that the customers stripped naked and would then use a towel that was provided from their locker to place around them, or they could wander around the wet area, naked.

Adrian finally assured me that it would settle my nerves and put me in a positive frame of mind for my first customer the following day. Adrian gave me a glass of water and the half Viagra tablet. “Here, take this and go and chill out in the sauna and the steam room.”

Finding the locker that matched my key number took me a few moments. Opening the locker I found a clean towel. I hurriedly undressed, placing my clothes in the locker, wrapping the towel around me.

A large sign insisted that everyone entering the sauna should shower first before using the facilities.

OK first stop the showers. After a shower I wrapped the towel around me and then ventured into the steam room. It was completely dark inside combined with the steam making it difficult to see anything.

The lighting outside in the passage way was dimly lit with black light. I made my first mistake. Keeping the towel on and sitting down in the steam room, I hadn't realised that the seating would be wet. My towel was soaked through, so with water dripping from me I had to make my way back to the reception area and ask Adrian for a dry towel.

I retraced my steps and again entered the steam room, but this time, naked. A great new experience, for me, I had been in the steam room for about ten minutes, enjoying the hot steam sweeping over my nakedness when the door opened. A guy, about forty years of age entered.

He sat opposite me stretching his legs out, one brushed against mine. I didn't move as I thought it was accidental. His leg, again pressed against mine, this time it was no accident. Again I didn't move and almost immediately he lent over and began stroking my thigh.

I was in two minds whether to push his hand away or get up and leave the steam room. Before I could do either, his hand brushed against my cock. To my surprise, my cock twitched. With no resistance from me, he began to gently stroke my cock which for the first time in all those years, began to swell.

In just a few minutes I had a massive erection. This stranger pulled back my foreskin and bending forward placed his mouth over my bell end. I couldn't believe that I was letting this happen, but the sensation of his mouth and tongue were sending unbelievable feelings through my groin.

“Lovely cock, fat cock, lovely he kept on as he continued to suck me

Placing his fingers around my shaft he slowly wanked me while still keeping my cock in his mouth.

More and more of my cock was being drawn in until I could feel it hitting the back of his mouth.

His mouth moved faster and faster up and down my shaft.