Written by Yougstud

11 Jan 2010

Thought I would share with readers a new experience I have started in the last couple of months. I am 24 years old and have fucked a lot of women, I love fucking mature ladies say 40 plus but I have also shafted a lot of women from 16 upwards, the oldest being 62. I find these mature ladies so willing, they let me do what I want and I have had some really super experiences.

Between early December and this weekend I have fucked four ladies, two in their 20's both married, a 16 year old and this weekend a 52 year divorced lady. I have managed to get the knickers from all of these as souveners, It's easy really you just have to make sure you get in the position of removing them for the lady and then slip them into your pocket before undressing. It's a real turn on to look at the bounty when home and remember the thrill of the shag.

I must tell you about this weekends fuck, I took the 52 year old back to her home and when stripping her found she had on stockings, suspenders and a black pair of french knickers, I pocketed the lot but not before I had shagged and filled her mature cunt with my fertile sperm, after withdrawing I wiped her very wet cunt with her knickers before removing them for myself. I now have the suspender belt stockings and cum stained french knickers at home to wank over when I feel like it. I have to say that this is a great new challenge that I will try to do whenever I fuck a new woman.