Written by CinBrum

10 Feb 2010

I had met this guy called Phil a few times at my local pub and we just enjoyed the same sense of bloke humour and ended up sharing stories over a pint or 2 whilst we wound down after the working week.

About 3 weeks after we had first met we had had about 4 pints one night and I ended up being invited back to his place to meet the wife and have a bite to eat.

I won't bore you with the chit-chat but we ended up joking around - me, him and his wife in the living room. The jokes were still quite laddish and his wife, Jo, joined in. We had got to a lewd joke about cocks and I ended up getting my cock out for a dare but also part of one of the jokes. I stood near to Jo's face and watched it light up as she looked at it. We were all laughing and in good humour, one of those 'can't believe what we are doing' type of nights.

I stood there for almost an hour, cock stiff whilst Jo couldn't take her eyes off my manhood. We had been joking and still winding Jo up about her staring. She suddenly blurted out that she was on the pill and I joked back well stand up and grab your ankles - we laughed but Jo obeyed. It was till a joking atomosphere but Jo more-or-less told Phil that he shouldn't mind what she was doing.

After some awkward body arrangement, their was Jo, holding her ankles, on her knees on the sofa. I asked Phill to pull down her jeans, which he did. I then pulled her knickers down. The crotch of her knickers were soaked and her vaginal lips were wet and very full.

I edge forward and gently pushed my helemt against her vaginal lips. It slipped in very easily and I sunk my shaft down with an appreciative moan from Jo.

Once was not enough for me - I came twice, bareback, in her. She came 3 times. Phil wanked in a chair watching me use his wife.

We had about 20 meetings like this over the next year or 2 before Phil took Jo away for work.