Written by A curvy lady

16 Aug 2018

I'm a happily married woman who enjoys a bit of fun from time to time and hubby encourages this which is great.

I was recently at a good friends house with her and her hubby, she had told me that there was another guest coming too and that it was a guy she knows. Now my friend is aware that I play from time to time as we are very good friends and have been for years. I'm convinced that she arranged this to set me up but she denies it all with a grin on her face.

Well during the chat around the table there was a lot of laughing at innuendo as we all enjoyed a bit of wine. When we left the table her and her hubby sat one one of their sofas and I sat on the other her friend came and joined me there. As we were chatting I noticed my friends hubby was getting a bit frisky running his hand up her leg. I think he was trying to do it discreetly but I could see him doing it. After a while I felt her friends hand on my knee and moving towards my thigh.

I my hand on my thigh to stop him going any further because I could feel myself getting wet. My friend went to the kitchen to get some desert and her hubby went to the toilet. At this point he got my attention and kissed me quickly. When he stopped he asked me if I had any plans to go home or did I want to go somewhere else for a drink after my friends house. I said that I would like that. We sat there chatting for a minute until my friend came back in the room and I sat there feeling quite turned on that I was going for a drink with him after we finished there. We had our deserts and finished the evening after saying bye to my friend and her hubby, her friend said that he'd go with me down the road to the taxi place .

So we walked down the road to the taxi place and got in a taxi we were laughing and joking about all sorts of things and before long the taxi stopped and he said shall we? We got out and he said this is my place but if you prefer there's a nice country pub just round the corner it's up to you. I said jokingly it depends which has a better bar so he said mine then. He lead me inside and asked what I wanted to drink so I asked for a Bacardi and coke and he went to the next room. I sat down on the sofa and took my coat off and he came back with a Bacardi and coke for me and a Jack Daniels and coke for him as he sat next to me. We talked for a few minutes and he said that he'd have to give me a tour of the house sometime and I agreed. He put his hand back on my knee and I turned to kiss him. as we kissed I put my glass down and started to kiss him properly and he put his hand on my back. It was quite a passionate kiss and was definitely getting me wet! As we kissed he started trying to undo my bra but he was struggling a bit admittedly I hadn't planned on playing this night and I had a bra on that pulls my tits up and shows a massive cleavage off but has 4 big clasps on the back so it can be hard to undo at times. He gave it up as a bad job and stopped kissing me asking if I wanted another drink I said not yet thanks and he went to get himself a drink. While he was gone I took my bra off and put it in my bag and he came back to see my shirt half unbuttoned and my tits not quite as high up as they were before with my nipples poking through my shirt. He couldn't stop looking at them and asked why I did that? So I said I thought I'd save you the trouble of undoing it seen as though it appeared that you were going to take it off anyway.

By now I could see his trousers with a nice bulge in them so he obviously liked what he could see. He asked me if he could see my tits in the flesh and I said yeah why not and unbuttoned the rest of my shirt and took it off. He smiled and said that he loved seeing my big tits and asked if I would take the rest of my clothes off too? I laughed and stood up unzipped my skirt which fell on the floor and then I pulled down my tights and took them off so I was stood in front of him completely naked other than my heels and feeling quite nervous but so turned on!

He stood there and looked at me in front of him and told me how good I looked. Then he came over to me and kissed me while his hands started to touch my tits. He moved down to kiss my tits and then lick and suck my nipples in turn. Then kissing my stomach as he moved further down my body until he was kissing my thighs. I moved so I was stood with my legs slightly further apart and he ran his tongue up my swollen pussy lips and kissed my clit before he sucked it.

He stood back up and kissed me I could taste my pussy juices on his mouth which was a turn on. I pulled away from him and said your turn now. He asked what I meant so I said well there's one of us naked and the other is still dressed! Come on then.... So he started to undress himself as I sat down on the sofa watching with my knees apart and my elbows on my knees and head in my hands as I watched him undress so he had a good view of my tits and pussy because I wanted to make sure that his cock was rock hard when he got it out of his trousers! I wanted disappointed at all.... completely smooth chest he obviously waxed it and then as I was staring at his chest he dropped his trousers to reveal his cock. It looked so good! It wasn't that long it's 6 or 7 inches but it was nice and thick and he was circumcised too with the tip all swollen god it look hot!

I stood up and looked at him. Told him that his cock looked gorgeous and I loved how everything was nice and smooth! Then I went straight for his nipples. Kissing them and licking them to get them hard and then I started sucking them more and more until I was sucking them quite hard and pulling my mouth away from them as they tried to stay in my mouth. I couldn't believe how turned on he was from this and he was making a lot of noise. I then knelt down in front of him and looked up to make sure he was watching me then I held his cock in one hand and gently stroked it back and forth very slowly and only moving about an inch just enough to feel his cock in my hand and it felt great. I looked at his cock and the tip was all wet and glistening looking so good! With a large drop of precum slowly dribbling down the tip I bit my lip as I watched it until I couldn't watch it anymore! I put my head towards his cock and put my tongue just under the tip and slowly licked up to his japs eye tasting his precum on my tongue felt so naughty and sexy! I looked back up at him and told him how good his precum tasted and he said I could have plenty more of it so I did. I started milking his cock slowly but gripping it tight to get as much as I could while I was still licking the tip. I got loads of it out of him a nice big thick dribble at a time milked onto my tongue and after a while doing that I told him that I loved how much precum he produced and how good it tastes. He said that he likes it too! I got even wetter wondering what he meant by that comment about his precum......

I'll continue this in part 2 if anyone is interested as it's getting a bit long now. X