Written by bill

23 Mar 2011

My wife Sally was 45 at the time she was petite 5’ 32aa breasts lovely and slim. We had tried mmf in the past as I have a thing about wife watching.

We have been members for a while of swingingheaven and love the chats in the rooms

We found a bloke called Roy on the search engine he was a bit younger than us and he lived near Manchester alone.

We chatted on the phone for a while we seemed to want the same things nsa discrete etc

Roy suggested a pub meet near his to see if we click.

We got there early and Sally had a pint of Dutch courage, we laughed nervously waiting for Roy to turn up.

Sitting by the window of the pub I saw a light haired tallish man walking towards us.

I said to Sally I think this is him she looked quite pleased I knew then she would let him have her.

He walked in and said are you Sally , she said yes and he kissed her on the cheek.

We all chatted over a drink and we agreed it felt right, he said the flat was a bit awkward to find so he suggested we drive him back to his.

It was late afternoon and very warm and sunny.

We parked out side his flat the atmosphere was electric.

Walking into his flat we passed his bed room which lovely with a king sized bed in.

Drinking some wine we chatted again and Roy sat next to Sally on the couch.

To brake the ice I said I would fetch more wine from the supermarket.

I left them alone on the couch , I was buzzing with excitement as I picked two white wines two reds as I paid for wine my hands were shaking a bit.

The short walk to Roy’s seemed miles , as I got to the door I pressed the intercom a few seconds later Roy unlocked the common door.

The door to his flat was open I heard voices from the bedroom Sally was giggling.

I put the wine down and looked in Sally and Roy were both naked cuddling and kissing.

His finger was in her tiny shaved pussy , they looked great together.

I went into the lounge/diner and put the wine in the fridge , my mind was whizzing around.

I think she likes him I thought  and left them to it sipping wine and listening to a music dvd to give them some privacy.

I could hear their sex noises from the bedroom it was driving me mad but nice mad, excited mad.

What seemed to be hours but was about 46 min 31 seconds the sounds died down.

Walking to the bedroom I could hear whispers Sally said’’ stay in me’’.

Roy was on top of her with her legs round his back and heals on his bum.

Her face turned towards me and she smiled and mouthed are you ok , I nodded and she smiled again He start trusting into her again her eyes closed I sat watching very happy to see her enjoying her new friend.

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