Written by bcands

21 Nov 2007

Every so often my wife, bc, gets extra horny. This happens maybe six or seven times a year and always presents us with interesting situations. In the normal run of things I can keep up with our sex life pretty well, I\\\'m not overly endowed, just normal but have always enjoyed good stamina and an ability to repeat perform.

However when my horny wife gets the hots, our wild sex life goes off the scale. We had met through a website one or two couples and a couple of single blokes who we keep in touch with. They\\\'re nice friendly people and enjoy some spice in their lives, just like us.

Bc wanted more and so we got in touch with a couple of guys, Jim and Simon. Bc has a soft spot for them since they are both hung like horses and bc is a girl who likes her cock and likes it big. I haven\\\'t got as close to the guys as Bc but she assures me that they are both over nine inches and thick too .....

We fixed up an evening for some fun and waited expectantly for the guys. Bc in a tiny white thong and high heels, she sat back on the sofa, rubbing her sopping wet pussy through the thin material.What a sight, she has a great figure, nice large firm breasts, a tight waist and tighter ass. Her mound is large and shaved. God I\\\'m dying for some cockshe said, she sipped her drink and nibbled some snacks. I thought this could be interesting as we had already had two sessions that afternoon to let some of the steam off. !!

Jim and Simon were greeted at the door by the all but naked Bc, she planted great wet kisses on them, tongued their throats and dragged them into the lounge. I got the guys drinks and slipped an interesting dvd on. Suddenly life sized images of naked people were dancing across the screen, while a blond was pounded to orgasm by half a dozen guys. Life imitating art or art imitating......who knows.... Bc sat between the guys who were down to their shorts. She was groping both of them, rubbing their huge erections while they both kissed and fondled her nipples and worked their way into her thong. being splay legged, I could she her fat juicy lips being played with, the thong having slipped into the crack of her cunt. It just looked so fucking hot seeing two hands on her pussy. I sat back opposite and had my cock in hand ,gently stropping my rock hard erection. Bc got up slipped her thong off--not much use anyway-- and was on all fours between Jim and Simon. She deep throated Jim, choking down his formidable cock, Simon locked into position behind her and thumbing his monster into her tight wet cunt, started to fuck.

Periodically they would swap positions, but the two lads knew what they were doing and orchestrated their timing, to give themselves some relief in between pounding Bc\\\'s pussy and mouth. She had come four or five times and it was Jim, while he was in her tight cunt, who lost his load first. Simon stayed where he was with bc kissing,sucking and slobbering all over his cock and balls. He drew his cock out, gave it a stroke or two and spunked all over her face and tits. Bc collected the jizz on her fingers and sucked it all down, also delicately licking clean the head of his cock.

She lay there for a moment looking remarkably like the cat that had got the cream, well she had. I got up and walked over spreading her legs, my own cock waving aound like a little hindenburg, I got her legs up over my shoulders as I thrust in and started to pound away. I kept going for a good few minutes, getting sweatier and slippery and then unleashed a good load. She had already come with me, but I went down and gave her a good tongue lashing as well to bring her off again.

Simon and Jim were recovered from the first round and both were back up and stiff as boards. Bc insisted on a dp and the lads willingly obliged, towards the end of that session I got my cock and balls sucked and after the two guests came all over her pussy and ass, I was sucked dry.

We now had a little break, we had been going for about two and a half hours and then got back into the saddle again. We fucked her solidly until five in the morning--nearly eight hours and give her, her due she was going strong until we all collapsed on the bed and fell asleep. Around eleven the guys left and I ran a bath for my beautiful wife, we showered first and I washed off all the spunk and juices from our activities, she then had her well earned bath and then we went back to bed. Talking dirty and reliving some of the action while I fucked her gently.