Written by new guy

4 Mar 2015

Hi everyone. I'm Paul, Im 58 and my wife Sarah is 55 and we have just joined the swinging scene so wanted to tell you about our first adventure.

We had talked about it for a long time in fact for at least 10 years. The closest we had every got was Sarah snogging a guy some time ago and letting him have a feel of her boobs but that was 5 or 6 years ago.

So we decided that if we where going to do anything about it we should do it now before we are too old. Sarah and I have a very good sex life so there are no complaints there plus she has a great body. She has great breasts and is very fit, in fact she looks more like a fit 45 ish that 55 which I put down to her constant gym lessons and so on.

Well, last Autumn we went to Spain to a hotel that has regular swinging weeks. We joined the required sight and off we went agreeing to just go with the flow and only do what was comfortable.

Everything was fine but we didn't really get involved until the Thursday before we where due to fly home on the Saturday. A couple of guys in their late 20's to early 30's came up to us and asked why we hadn't got involved,, we explained that we where new to it all. They where really great and helpful explaining that their wives preferred to do their own thing pointing out two very attractive women getting a lot of attention.

After an hour or so one of the guys just came out and told Sarah that he would love to see her naked and have a bit of fun, the other guy pretended to be hurt at being left out. They promised to just go as far as we where comfortable with. After a little chat Sarah and I agreed to meet them in one of their rooms. We went to our for Sarah to freshen up and I decided it would be fun for her to just arrive in a dressing gown and nothing else and to my surprise she agreed.

We arrived in the guys bedroom and they where clearly waiting for us wearing just shorts.

As we walked in one of them said 'lets see what we have here then' so I slid Sarah's dressing gown off.

The intake of breath from the guys was a clear sign they liked what they saw and to be honest Sarah looked good. Her large and still quite firm breasts hanging free with her adorable large dark red nipples already hard. I could tell she was nervous becouse she kept asking if I was ok so I told her to go and have fun.

Both guys led her to the bed and started to have a feel of her body, Sarah was soon having fun tossing first one then the other off. It wasn't long before she was on her back with one head between her legs and the other gut feeding her his cock.

For the next hour I watched my wife being fucked first by one then the other, at time she was on her knees being fucked from behind with the other fucking her face then they would swap. At one point she was laying on her back on top of a guy who's cock had disappeared up her backside whilst the other one was deep in her pussy.

In the end they motioned for me to join them and all three of us came over her face and tits although from the grunting and groaning from Sarah and at least one of the guys earlier on at least one of them had already cum inside her pussy.

By the time we had finished she was covered in cum and giggling. One of the guts put his cock in her mouth for her to clean which I thought was hot

So there you have it, we haven't been to anther one since but have plans to go again soon