Written by ROB

24 Apr 2016

Toni my wife has always been very conservative in dress and her attitude to sex . Toni is a very beautiful lady ,5-11 tall very slim and has great legs but small breasts. With nipples you could hang you hat on when she does sometimes gets horny, We moved to Spain a short while ago . We had only been there a week when Toni returned from shopping with the lady from the next villa up the lane. Kath and Toni seem to hit it off from day one. Kath is about 45 where Toni is 33. Like us Kath has no children and is divorced. When Toni parked our new car on the drive I noticed a scratch on the back bumper. I asked what has happened to the car. I was very angry. Toni told me she caught the barrier in the supermarket. I just lost it!!. Its a new car I said . I raised my voice and told her "YOU SHOULD BE FUCKED FOR THAT". Toni looked at me and replied "yes I know" . Toni walked into the kitchen later and I asked her to tell Kath I was sorry for my bad language. Toni surprised me by telling me Kate thought I was very masterful . That night I got into bed and found Toni was nude which was not her style at all. It was a warm night so I put it down to that. Toni turned to me and said sorry for the damage to the car. Then to my surprise ask are you ready to punish me now as you said, I should be fucked for the damage I caused. We have had anal sex about 5 times in our time together. Each time she called me a pervert afterwards.

But that night we both had the best sex ever. We had a shower together the next morning and again Toni did something for the first time . She sucked my cock till it was hard then stood up and slipped it into her wet juicy cunt. Later that morning Toni was in the garden hanging out wash !!. She was nude. I walked up to her. Her nipples were rock hard . I think I will fuck you out here I told her. In the past we have never used the word fuck as Toni was complete prude. She smiled and said we don't have time to Fuck Kath is on her way round for coffee. Better get some cloths on I mentioned . Darling I am a nudist now. What?. I want to be a nudist like Kath. She taking us to the nudist beach tomorrow, And I SUPPOSE she will see that big big cock of yours. Kath arrived and Toni served the coffee still nude. Kath asked if we had made up after the car issue. And would we be joining her for a trip to the beach tomorrow. Toni grinned and replied

"Yes we made up". If you call being raped making up. And we would love to go to the nudist beach tomorrow. Toni smiled and asked Kath we will need to keep .pointing to me. His cock under control. Kath said its a small beach and often the guys walk around with erections. So no need to worry in fact I enjoy it I get quite horny. Toni shocked me by saying darling you may have a harem tomorrow. Toni looked at Kath why not get nude now and enjoy the sun. Kath and Toni have obviously been planning something .Kath stripped she was very comfortable being nude. I watched the two ladies get into the pool. Kath was very beautiful for her age . As they got out of the pool both displaying the most lovely shave cunts. Dripping wet. I dropped my shorts and walked over my cock looked huge. Toni said I think we are all feeling horny.

Darling Kath mentioned to me in the pool she would love to watch us fuck. Great I can hardly wait. Darling can you put on a condom covered with lub and fuck me like an ARAB SLAVE GIRL. I love anal sex so I was happy to go along with that.

We put on a great show while Kath used her vibrator. Toni kept looking over her shoulder and asking Kath "Would you like to try my masters cock and be a slave " Oh oooooooooh I am going to cum Kath screamed out . Yes I will be his slave.

I went for a shower on my return I watched Toni and Kath fondling each other. As I stood next to them they both went down on their knees and started in turn sucking my cock. until I SHOT MY LOT into the face of Kath. Toni said I should go and get some rest as my new slave would have to receive her first fuck tonight. Master! Toni asked "May I pleasure myself while I watch my master take his new slave. Kath stood next to Toni and told me. I am your slave you can use me when you wish my body now belongs to you. Kath went on to said Toni and I will have our pussies ringed for you master next week. I spoke harshly to both .You will refer to you pussies as cunts is that clear. Both replied yes master. And once you have got your slave rings in place I will attach a chain to them and you can walk around chained together by your cunts.