3 Dec 2015

Hi I am Amy , mid 20.s , attractive with 36 DD boobs , nice legs an bum, work with a lot of men in a large office , but have always fancied working in a pub behind the bar, well, one night driving home I passed a Pub on my usual route asking for staff, so I turned around and went in , it is in the country side, not too busy , bit old fashioned and having worked in shops before for friends and as a Saturday girl when young thought I would give it a try.

I went in to be met by the landlord/manager Craig and he gave me a interview in the bar as it was fairly quiet, he was a tall , slim good looking guy late 30,s I assumed, he seemed to like what he saw as I was dressed in my office wear, I had taken off my coat , leaving me in my blouse , tight skirt , hold ups and my 5" heels. I noticed he didn't wear a ring and wondered if he was married, when he told me he has a couple of guys and another lady who come in to help him out behind the bar when its busy and often calls on a local older woman for any help in the kitchens .

He said would I like a look round the place and go behind the bar ,so I said ok, he led me through to the other bar , the kitchen showed me the cellar and took me upstairs to some guest rooms and his living rooms. We came back down to the bar asking me to pour a pint , there wasn't much room behind the bar but he insisted on squeezing behind me to look over my shoulder as I poured the pint . As I poured he said I was very good but still insisted on putting one hand on my hip and the other on my hand on the tap , I was also sure I could feel his cock pressing against my bum.

He asked me to pour the beer away into a sink under the bar as I turned and bent down he had both his hands on my hips , he had stayed as he was but my bum was now pressing against that definite bulge of his cock, as I stood up we went to a table sat down asking what I thought. He asked me when I was available to work I said well I would like to do a evening at first and go from there seeing if I liked it, he said he was fine with that and did I know what a lock in was , as occasionally it happened here, as he had a Camera club and a Arts club who used to meet fairly regular, a Biker night during the summer , also talk of a Folk club starting up soon trying to get the local people in .

Craig told me the hours he hoped I might be able to help him with , how much the pay was , holidays, etc, he told me about uniform saying he liked the sort of thing I was wearing now and a bit more casual in the summer eg: smart t-shirts ,short skirts would be ok . He said it would be good to have a younger member of staff here to brighten up the place and he was always happy to listen and open to ideas to improve the place , he asked me when I wanted to start, I suggested the next evening being mid week , he said fine just ask if you want to work more hours or shifts as I went to go he saw me to the door and expecting him to shake my hand I was not prepared for the kiss he gave me as he held me to him.

The next night I left work went home had a shower changed and arrived at the Pub ,Craig met me gave me a Apron to wear, we had a few people in mainly locals in to see who this new girl behind the bar was I think as they were mainly male during the evening I got to meet the guy Roger who ran the Camera club as well as earlier meeting a guy Toby who ran the Arts club. I wasn't sure if Craig had primed them but they both asked if I had done any Modelling and would I pose for them.

I told them I would think about it as it was early days yet, a few more guys came in and came over to the bar to chat with me , a couple of young lads my age were taking the mickey as I had blonde hair but I had no trouble turning remarks round and giving as good as I got, as I work with lots of guys. I found Craig left me to it most of the night and only towards the end did he come behind the bar to help me he said, the Pub had nearly emptied , tho he did like to squeeze past me either front ways or behind , a couple of times he stood in front of me my boobs pressing against his chest which he seemed to like.

At kicking out time he asked me to check round everybody had gone as he was chatting to Roger, I went into the Gents thinking everyone had gone and was surprised to see one of the young lads who had chatted earlier to me leaning against the wall looking worse for wear . I asked him if he was ok he said I cant do my jeans up and I said I would help him as he had to leave now I went over to him as he turned around his 7"+ cock and balls out of his pants and jeans were wide open. As I took hold of his cock an balls a camera flashed and I put it inside his pants he suddenly came to said to someone behind me I told you I would get her hands on my cock by the end of the night , realising I had been set up I turned to go as the camera went off again.

The lads stopped me in my tracks and I giggled at being caught out as they told me if I fancied some cock they would love to help me out as its mainly old men here, we had a little chat I asked them about the Camera and Arts guys, as they said they only want to get you naked, but if you do , do it ! let us know and we will come along. Then Craig stuck his head in said come on lads , time to go , leaving me with Craig and Roger as we had a drink and chat after we locked up,

The chat was soon turned to the Camera club and Roger asked if I had Modelled before I said I had for a friend, he asked what I had done, I lied saying just some lingerie pics, he looked at me saying you have to rush home ,I said no not tonight , as Roger said could I take some pics of you now , I said go on then !

Their faces lit up as Roger pulled his camera from behind the bar , he said they will be just here in the bar , just to get a idea of what you are like as a Model, I said ok, as he asked me to pose leaning on the bar for some face an body pics, then he said would I undo a button or 2 on my blouse, well before long I was soon down to just my bra on my top half , then they suggested I had some pics as my skirt rose higher an higher and then that came off as well with them praising me for my efforts .

Now Roger asked me to sit on the edge of a table and cup my boobs pushing them up and together for a few shots before Craig came over stood next to me as Roger said I want you to stand in front of him and let him undo your bra, as you hold it there the straps loose. I said ok and was beginning to feel a bit horny now, then Roger said lose the bra , I was just leaning back against Craig and threw my bra both hands in the air my legs apart so I looked like a star shape and tipped back slightly feeling Craig's cock pressing into me.

To Be Continued , please let me know if you like and want to hear more , thanks Amy xxxxxx