26 Apr 2017

I have worked in and out of London and over the south east and west for all my working life and I’ve moved house a couple of times, when I thought that the job I was doing was going to see me through. So I now find myself in the position of commuting 70 odd miles twice a day to this new post. As my wife has home help for her disability she suggested that I try to get lodgings near the job and only commute up and back weekly, whilst I wasn’t that keen, because of her ailments, it did mean that I would be able to seek out new opportunities, as she is always telling me to do.

So here I am standing outside an old friend’s hoping for the door to open so I can ask if they want a lodger. We knew them as friends from recent past, she, Pat, had recently retired but Mark hadn’t worked for a few years. Pat opened the door and welcomed me in. I see that Mark has got rid of the old car on the lawn I said as stepped past her. Oh she said, you haven’t heard, Mark passed away six months ago.

That stopped me dead in my tracks, Oh god, I’m so sorry, that was so insensitive of me, I’d better go. I apologised to Pat, but she laughed, how would you know? It was very sudden and I didn’t make a big fuss of the funeral and we didn’t really invite lots from outside the family.

She ushered me into the kitchen and we sat at the breakfast bar chatting I said little allowing her to tell me her story of how it happened and how shocked she was. She made a coffee. Anyway I looked at my watch and said I’d need to go, but she asked me why I had come round, I hadn’t asked about lodging as it didn’t quite seem the right thing to so, but she pushed me on the reason for my visit so I asked her. Why didn’t you say an hour ago, of course you can stay and I don’t want money, except you can help out, with bills, if you want feeding.

So I moved in the following Monday, I work regular office hours, so I was back to Pat’s really quite early, I sorted out my weeks clothes putting it all away, but it was still only around 6pm. Pat asked about my wife, she knew about her illness and was asking some quite probing questions, but I just thought she was being kind and thoughtful. After dinner I went to my bedroom and rang my wife we chatted for some time before she told me her helper had arrived and so she was off to bed.

Pat and I settled into this sort of routine, save every Tuesday, she wouldn’t be in when I got home and that set me off. I’d come back from work, bursting to go to the toilet, sat on the throne I noticed some of Pat’s clothes hanging out of the laundry basket. When I’d finished one job, I knocked off the lid and looked in, not being able to see what I was looking for I began to pull out the clothes. Finally I found her undies, normal ones for a woman her age, not fancy, not small but not Bridget Jones’ either, I put the one pair to my nose and inhaled deeply. I realised what I was doing and put the stuff back in the basket, as best I could remember how it came out. But I was hooked and every time I was alone I was into sniffing, I didn’t notice but after a few weeks the odd/ two pairs in the basket became 4 or 5. Pat is a size 12 and around 5’6” tall, with quite small breasts. She is always well dressed whether with slacks or skirt on. She has a lovely smile.

A couple of weeks later, Pat and I were sat in the lounge after dinner, when she said she needed to ask me a question. I t caught me off guard, so I just said fire away. Have you lost something? I looked at her and said no, why was she asking? She said because she’d noticed that sometimes the laundry basket seemed to have been emptied, similar to when Mark had lost something he always turned out the bins etc.

I didn’t know what to say. Pat stood up and walked towards me, she said I know what you were doing and have for a few weeks now. Do you find me or my clothes attractive? As she stopped in front of me I was speechless so went to stand up, but she pushed me back down then sat beside me. I want to know what you think of me, her face was now 5cm away from mine, I still couldn’t speak as she moved her face closer still, fuck it I thought, I’ve been caught and she doesn’t seem like she’s going to throw me out. So I moved my face towards hers and our lips met. I kissed lots, women, late teenagers, men, but other than my wife I really can’t think of anyone who was as passionate first kiss as Pat. Not only was she kissing me, but she was moving my hands around her body, almost like she had robotic control, where I felt and obstruction, she deftly moved it, blouse, bra then skirt. I found myself sat next to a semi naked older woman bearly five minutes after she’d sat next to me. She was slow either she had her hand on my trousers and was rubbing my cock, so knew how big it was.

I told her I wanted her on her bed. Good idea lets go, she replied so I followed her into her bedroom dropping my trousers and pants as we went.

She laid on the bed, pushing her tits together, I lay beside her kissing and nibbling on her nipples, she was moaning as I was rubbing my finger up and down her slit, she still had her panties on and I wanted her to come in them before anything else. She began to shake and her head went from side to side. I knew I’d hit my target and I slipped down the bed, gently opening her legs then moving my tongue to her sex, roughly I bit and licked her through the lycra material until she came again. I then lifted her legs and pulled the panties off, they were sopping from our juices and in view of her I put them to my nose and inhaled slowly, before throwing them at her and instructing her to do the same.

I was pushing my cock towards her hole as she sniffed them, but she dropped them as I gave a little shove and my cock entered her wet hole. I didn’t last the night, I didn’t last three hours, but the time we were fucking satisfied the both of us. I was knackered and she was very sated as I lay beside her, she cuddled up to me and told me that she’d hoped when I first asked about staying, that I would end up fucking her. She was about to expand on it when my phone rang.