Written by happy with it

2 Jul 2015

Just five days ago, just as the weather improved, my wife Liz was shopping in York and decided to go for a coffee in one of the dozens of city centre cafes. A sunny day so she opted to sit outside and soak up the sun on her size twelve body. Sitting alone and scanning through a magazine she had bought. A man asked if he could share her table in the sun and she asked him to be her guest. He ordered his coffee and made small talk as they sat in Coppergate centre close by the Viking museum.

Liz was ready to leave but he persuaded her to join him at his expense in a glass of bubbly as he had received some excellent news, he suggested a pub close by and she accepted. Very soon they were sipping his champagne as he explained he had just been awarded a very valuable settlement in a case which had been going on for years and threatened to ruin him. He was very open and kept commenting on how lovely it was to be sitting with such an attractive and sexy lady. Liz was glad she had opted to catch the bus into town as she felt a bit light headed after they finished the bottle around half an hour or so later. his conversation was witty and she found herself warming considerably to him. He is called Richard and owns a civil engineering firm in Leeds, a woman had claimed sexual harassment by him and though it was a tissue of lies, the lawyers concocted a ridiculous story which had only a few half truths in it.

After the story was told, he looked very sad and angry, commenting that it almost cost him a prison sentence and his business, had it not been for some vital flaws which eventually shed light on the dubious claims, his barrister had cost a fortune but had been clever enough to unravel the lies and get acquittal and damages. Liz is 49 years old and has a neat size twelve figure and lovely legs. As she was in a dress that day, her assets were on parade in a fresh new set of underwear given by me on her birthday earlier last month. She was a bit pissed off with her former lover who was getting cold feet after being caught by his wife as he returned home after a meet. She had said she did not want to cause him problems in his home life and had called it a day even though she loved the things he did to her.

Liz has nice breasts and shaves leaving a narrow strip of hair to encourage close scrutiny which she loves. Richard asked if she would like to have dinner with him that evening as he was staying in York to complete a bit of business and had booked in at the Cedar Court hotel near the station. Feeling very mellow she accepted and found herself in a taxi at his expense so that she could get changed and ready for the evening. He booked the taxi to return her to his hotel a 7.30 that evening.

So this brought her home. I walked in to find her getting a bath and her clothes arranged ready for the evening, hold up stockings, a very sexy blue thong, matching bra and a skirt with a full length zip at the side, pencil thin and a white blouse shirt with the top two buttons always undone. She told me of her meeting and said he was very fanciable and interesting. I asked if sex was on the cards and she said she thought it was almost inevitable, but had not been discussed. I saw she had been busy with her razor and said she looked gorgeous. I washed her back and then left her to get ready.

An hour later she was in the taxi having prepared herself beautifully, I watched her go with the inevitable lump in my trousers. Not certain what was to happen, if anything, I could not resist having a wank just in case. As is also normal, the exertion led me to have a sleep with my exhausted cock wrapped in tissues and dribbling spunk. I eventually heard from her at about midnight. A text asking if I minded her staying overnight. Cock back in overdrive, I asked if he had fucked her as well as giving my blessing for her to enjoy the evening and night. My reply was yes he had filled her with some lovely come and they were very happily naked in bed together and he knew of my fetish for her to have a lover. She had certainly worked very fast. She promised to tell me all about it in the morning, saying Richard says thankyou and he will take good care of me. A ps came a bit later with him asking if I minded him being her new lover. I sent back a smile with the comment, as long as she is happy, then so am I.

Bedtime beckoned and I went upstairs a happy mani will continue this tomorrow.