Written by pnw

4 Jul 2015

it all started when we got new neighbours a young couple m32 n f24

we meet the day they moved in on the stairs i offered to help them move sum stuff

we became friends very quickly i was always round at there house the bloke was ok to get on with but more bothered about playing ps3 than his gf

well the gf was great had lots off laughs chats then one night i popped over and she was just getting outta bath when she saw me she dropped her towel and my eyes were straight at her tits they were massive and a clean shaven pussy which looked very inviting

she said sorry i turned away and heading to the living room to chat 2 her fella

afew days later we saw each other n i said not used 2 seein her with clothes on i laughed so did she n after i got a reply well maybe one day u will see n get more

a few days passed i agot a text from her asking to pop over so i did she opened the door nothing on and i pushed the door shut and pushed her up on the wall and started sucking her massive tits

we made our way to the bedroom she laid down on the bed opened her legs and i dived right in tongue flicking her pussy she was very wet and very open she moaned hard as she came as i stuck afew fingers in her and fucked her fast and hard till she gushed all over my hand

my cock was rock hard i quickly removed my pants lowered myself on top and pushed in hard

she was slack as anything i fucked her hard and fast as she screamed with delight

i opened her legs as far as i could and banged away

i then got her on all fours shoved my cock in and fucked her hard again i kepted pulling out which was making her moan loader

as i fucked her i spanked her arse and called her a naughty girl for doing this

not the first time she replyed

she started telling me about the blokes she fucked while i fucked her which was sending me close to shooting

i told her i was gonna cum n i pulled out but she wanted filling up so i did after afew more hard thrust i shoot my load deep inside her soaking wet pussy and asi did she had let screamed hard and flooded my cock with her juices

i pulled out and she rubbed the spunk which was leaking outta her all over her pussy we laid there and chatted abit then got dressed and i left

that night i went back round her bf as normal on the ps3 she was in the kitchen i went and chatted to her she had a short dress on she opened her legs and asked when i was gonna give her more i stood close and quickly shoved 2 fingers into her wet dripping pussy and i made her cum twice her bf hadnt a clue what was happening and he never will

anything else happens ile let ya no