Written by trainer

10 Dec 2015

I got a text message, just as I was leaving work, inviting me to a meet. I didn’t recognise the number, so, as you do sent a text enquiring. A few texts later I knew they were from Petra, she was horny and wanted to restart from the hotel room fuck we’d had with my young friend Gill.

I got off the train, having sent my wife a message, saying I’d been held up at work and wouldn’t be back until late, very late.

Petra let me into, what I assumed, was her flat, she had a tight pair of black leggings and calf length boots on and a loose black translucent blouse on, she threw her arms around my neck and we had an amazingly erotic kiss just inside the door, when she’d had enough warm up she grabbed my hand and dragged me into the main room. To my surprise was a guy sat in only his pants on the setee, he was a fairly muscly guy, with short black hair, his y’s were fairly tight and showing a good size of bulge inside them.

Petra introduced me to Oleg, the barman from the hotel, and I guessed that I’d been invited around to a mmf 3sum, as opposed the ffm when I’d first met Petra. Petra got me a beer then sat down next to Oleg, on the 3 seater and I sat alongside in an armchair. Petra, then explained they were trying to get a fourth person to join us and laughed as Oleg’s phone bleeped. He read the answer then rang the person, Petra was running her hand over his cock, as he had the conversation, eventually he had persuaded the mystery person to join us. Whilst we waited Petra urged me to join them on the settee, telling me I was overdressed and should be more comfortable if I lost some of my clothing. I striped to my shorts and moved beside her, Oleg had one of his hands inside her blouse and was pulling on her nipple, I kissed her again, god I could kiss that mouth for the rest of my life and never get tired of doing so, our tongues played together. I then slipped my hand up under her blouse and began to roll her other nipple between my thumb and forefinger, she was rubbing mine and Oleg’s cocks, she gripped mine fairly hard, digging her nails in, which shocked me by her action, but she let her mouth fall from mine and let out a massive ‘Yesssssssss’ as she came just from her tits being worked on. I started to move me hand down towards her leggings, only to be stopped by the doorbell going.

Oleg jumped up, ‘my turn to go.’ He said as he walked across the room, he closed the door as he went into the hallway and it was clear he was having some introductory fun, similar to Petra and me, when I’d arrived. Soon the door reopened and Oleg walked in with a middle aged woman, in the hotel dress suit uniform, I’m not that good on guessing ages, but she was clearly older than Oleg. Oleg was holding her hand, but she was trying to get back out of the room, ‘you didn’t say there’d be others here’ she said as she tried to back out, Oleg held tight and spoke quite forcefully to her, telling her that she was the slut, who’d loved it when he fucked her in her office at work and he had the video on his phone and was happy to share it with, naming a guy, who later turned out to be a more senior manager, who obviously also had the hot’s for her, ’no’ she said, ‘you can’t do that, I don’t want that pig anywhere near me again.’ Oleg pulled her towards him and kissed her. I lifted Petra’s top over her head and went to work playing with her tit’s, I tried to kiss her again, but her eyes were fixed on the woman.

The woman finally seemed to give up trying to leave, Oleg had managed to remove her jacket and open her white blouse, I was now introduced to Miriam, a manager from the hotel. I looked at Miriam, she had short greying hair, her breasts looked to be quite flat, maybe only a b cup. I noticed a wedding ring on the finger. She was flushed red and I guessed it was probably the first time that she’d been in this situation, Oleg pulled her round to face him and she was happy to close her eyes, throw her arms around his neck, probably pretending/hoping that Petra and I weren’t there.

Oleg now wasted little time in striping her of her clothes, he threw her blouse to one side followed quickly by her bra, as he pulled the zip down on her skirt he signalled to Petra, who stood up and moved towards them, Oleg massaged her tits, as Petra pulled down the skirt, Miriam, obviously realised that there were now more than two hands working on her body and again tried to pull out, Oleg held her tightly as Petra now tapped her leg and Miriam lifted, first one foot then the other, to allow the skirt to be removed leaving her now stood in tights, panties and court shoes, Petra stood up and whilst running her hands across Miriam’s bum, began to kiss the back of her neck. It wasn’t long before their work began to pay off, Miriam, either relaxed or gave up as Oleg and Petra played with her body. I sat watching as they worked her all over, Oleg dropped one inside her tights and told Petra to remove them, she dropped back down and pulled them down, this time Miriam didn’t need telling she lifted one foot as shoe, tights and pantie was removed, then the other, she was now stood naked between the younger pair, Oleg was working her pussy from the front and Petra was kissing and licking her ass and arse from behind, it didn’t take long until Miriam began to shout out, her body shock and she gripped Oleg tightly as she had her first orgasm.

Oleg stepped back, he lost his pants and sat back down on the settee, he pulled Miriam towards him, but Petra spun her around as she went to drop herself down on his cock, although it had looked quite big, as a bulge in his pants, I was fairly happy to note that it was around the same size as mine 7” long and fairly fat. Petra now pushed Miriam down onto his cock, she moved her legs, so that both were on the settee, either side of him and she began to ride up and down, Petra followed her down and stuck her tongue out allowing it to be ridden at the same time as Miriam rose and fell on Oleg’s cock. The whole situation was very erotic and I was beginning to feel left out, then I just clicked over from watch into fuck mode. I went round behind Petra and started to finger her holes before slipping my fat cock into her, I reached round and grabbed a nipple as I rammed my cock in and out.

Oleg came first, most of it went up Miriam, but she squealed and jumped higher to allow his cock to fall out, still spurting jiz out, which Petra was happy to take in her mouth. Miriam scolded him, saying that she’d told him the first time she wasn’t on the pill and didn’t want to get pregnant, he laughed and said it was up to her to sort herself out, she wanted his cock and that was how he gave it to her.

I then filled Petra up, she kept her rhythm up of pushing back on to me as I pumped it in to her her slumped down onto Miriam’s pussy as she savoured the last few spurts.

We all uncoupled to take a breather, Petra went and got more beer for me and Oleg, and brought a bottle of wine and two glasses in for Miriam and her. Miriam sat down next to Oleg and I could see the bite marks on her tits, I don’t think she knew he’d marked her in that way. Petra and I sat in the armchair, her on my lap. Miriam confessed that that had been her first time in group sex or with another woman, I tried to suppress a laugh but Oleg just told her he knew the first time he caught her looking at him, she was a slut.

The second act to follow….