Written by Arlington_49

11 Aug 2014

I find my recent choice for a new play partner out of the ordinary. We all have habits of sorts…choosing to feel comfortable with whom we engage and play. Often, it’s within our local social clubs or non-member neighbors…occasionally clients OR members of a client team…and for me, most exciting usually hitting on another man’s wife. It’s amazing how many ‘happily’ married women…approached and seduced correctly (maybe sometimes other way around)…can be so easily absorbed into tryst play…!

I’ve had plenty on my plate…given my wife’s extra-marital activity…and professional business pressures. When you’re at work…it’s difficult to be distracted by personal matters of the heart… That’s why I find my recent play partner an almost natural opportunity unencumbered by work conflicts, hubby interference, and potential for spousal resentment.

My new friend, Liana, is a charming SE Asian doll…Thai ancestry…she’s been in our Metro area (legally) for about 2 years… She’s 28 years old…maitre’d for well-heeled restaurant. Yes, she’s married, BUT hubby remains in some limbo…in Thailand. I suspect you’re getting s good picture of my new friend…and nicely available tryst partner. Oh, no surprises here…I tip her well…;) She benefits from my largess…and I have several colleagues who’ve been referenced to her restaurant with their kind gratuities in mind. However, Liana remains my personal fuck doll…at least for now.

Petit, yet nicely blossomed breasts and shapely derriere…she regularly works out…and I have to accept, she’s been fuck partner to a ‘few gents’ in our domain. I can’t assume otherwise…she’s just too pretty. She wears her wedding band…as some sort of dissuade to ‘pitches’ and ‘passes’ by others. I know the restaurant owner…and she claims iLana remains true to her wifely vows…as best as possible..;) The owner knows me well…she understands my liking for her employee…and if anything, she’s been helpful to allowing me ‘free time’ with the gal. Besides…whatever employment remuneration Liana may miss due to absence, I more than reward her…

Over the Last 4 months, in between all the crap I’m dealing with at home and Judi’s clinic, I engage Liana on a weekly basis…OR more! My club has gotten to know…respect my little fuck doll…as if she’s one of the family…;) However, the club employees have remained confidential…no one has ‘leaked’ any rumors to colleagues and friends. I suspect someone will note our frequency together…but for now…Liana is totally my ‘little girl.’

Her titties remain youthful…and except for my attentions, unused by anyone! Her husband hasn’t seen her in over 5 months…his last visit lasted about 2 weeks! Liana’s willingness to suck me off is astounding… She obligingly swallows…and allows me to play with her pussy and tiny rim hole…by fingers and tongue…while my cock readies to fuck her. NO question, I’d love to have her engage in full train with my friends…I want to watch her being fucked in every of her holes…! BUT…that won’t happen for some time, because I’m equally jealous of sharing her…wanting NO ONE to touch my little Asian pearl.

I’ve considered the possibility of bringing her home…I suspect my wife would enjoy my little tart. However, again, I’m reluctant to share this gem at least for now. There will be a time when I…and she…will grow tired of our relationship, I’m sure. When that time approaches, I’ll be more than ready to introduce her to some close friends. Perhaps then I’ll also invite her home… Liana doesn’t appear to be into bi activities, BUT all the more reason it’d be enjoyable watching my wife and Liana at each other…Judi will teach her well. Besides…I may be surprised…Liana may teach my wife a few things…;)

In my office, Greg is the only colleague openly aware of my involvement with this young Asian woman. He desperately wants to engage her; however equally respectful he’ll have to wait until her ‘freshness’ expires for me…;) For the time being, as I monitor Judi’s activities as best and reasonable as possible, I find my evenings with Liana to be immensely satisfying. I sometimes wonder…what is her real relationship with husband…what is changing for her…AND, why has she so willingly accepted my consort relationship. I know she’s officially married…I’ve had my office research. I know she’s here under special dispensations…no need to further discuss on this site… She’s an excellent employee for my friend…and adds a great deal of upscale, personal charm to her establishment.

For me, Lana has become an almost indispensable mistress…available at my call and whim. I’ve begun to have her join me at several social events. Always subject to risk of rumors, I’m willing to “come up” with excuses. The young lady’s body is an ‘Asian Temple’ of sorts for me… I plan to enjoy her as long as reasonable, prudent and judicious… When the time arises no longer practical, I’ll bring select friends into our sexual play…and pass her talents onto others. Until then, she’s mine…!!