Written by James

20 Jan 2012

I only found yhis site a few months ago and enjoy reading other peoples stories, I would now like to tell of an experience that started for me a couple of years ago. As an electrical contractor I visited a house to do a rewiring job, it was a large house set back from the road, the lady of the house, Margaret, was very helpfull to me making me regular cups of tea and coffee that came with home made biscuits and cakes, she was quite small and petite, always well dressed and made up, she looked about forty but as I found out later was actualy in her early sixties, we rapidly became friends and before I finished the work I invited her out for a meal to repay her for her outstanding hospitality, she agread to go out with me so we arranged to meet the following night at a restaurant in the next town.

Margaret looked wonderfull, wearing a white blouse pulled tightly over her pert breasts and a long wrap around skirt, during the meal I couldn't take my eyes off her breasts with her nipples prominent and as she moved around her skirt opened revealing her shapely legs, giving me an instant erection, at the end of the evening she allowed me to drive her home, dropping her off at the end of her road, a quick kiss and she was gone but not before we made another date.

This time we met at the end of her road, spending the evening at a nice country pub, during our conversation she confided in me saying that a few months ago her husband had told her that he was bi sexual but had a preference for men, up untill then they had enjoyed a regular if a bit boring sex life, since then only a couple of times and then she had insisted that he used a condom, as she said she didn'y know where he had been, that night we sat in a dark area in the pub car park kissing, I opened her blouse revealing and feeling her surprisingly firm breasts, my hand found its way eventually inside her skirt, finding and probing her love hole till she closed her eyes, aighing loudly.

I was invited to her house for a meal,her husband, a well known busines man, was away for a few days, she thought that maybe, with his boyfriend, Margaret was not happy about this, we had a delicious meal, she really is an excellent cook. After the meal and a few drinks she took my hand and lead me upstairs saying to me "this is what we have been waiting for", In the bedroom we kissed, I removed her top and unclipped her bra,her breasts were bigger than I had imagined, she let it fall to the floor and then removed her skirt and panties standing naked in front of me for the first time,her nipples were erect and her pubes had been cut short.

She lay back on the bed as I undressed, pulling her legs up and holding her knee's against her chest, giving me a great view of her open fanny with its now puffed out lips, she let out a low squeel as my cock entered her, as I fucked her she still clasped her knee's pulling them to her till she gasped a couple of times and then relaxed, she wanted to feel me to cum into her, who was I to refuse, I soon came to the point of no return shooting my cum deep inside this lovely lady.

We now meet regularly and have found that its not just for sex, we have feelings for each other, she has seen her husband in bed with a man and has tried anal sex, to try to find out how her husband feels, Above all she has remained a real lady.