Written by Brian

10 Jun 2018

I was up about 7am Sat morning, had a very restless night I kepted thinking about our encounter with young Tony . Marjory did not get up till about 8.30 ,I heard her go for a shower ,she came down about 1 hr later all ready to go into town as we still had to tidy up the shop from the previous days cheese and wine party. I will fast forward a week and all that week she did not mention what had gone on with young Tony once ,so I just left it at that. On the Sat night we went to the local pub in the village where we stay and had a meal and a few drinks with some friends of ours .We left about 11 and walked home as it was a really warm night Marg said she had really enjoyed herself she then said she was really sorry about what happened with young Tony she said she was really drunk and she could not remember much of what happened , I told her there was no need to be sorry we all enjoyed it ,I enjoyed it she enjoyed it and I know Tony really enjoyed it as I had to get the car washed twice to get all his spunk off the back window and boot ,we had a good laugh about it as we walked home . We had another couple of drinks and went to bed about midnight Marg started to ask me about young Tony she asked what age he was I told he said he was 23, she said she was old enough to be his mother I told her he really liked her stockings and suspenders ,and when she showed him her big tits all he could say was fucking hell I said he had a hell of a size of cock for a young boy and god could he come ,Marg then said I had giving her the best fucking that night and I was really turned on by watching her and Tony ,as she said this she started to play with my cock witch was now quite hard , I reached down and put 2 fingers in her pussy she was really wet ,I got on top of her and started to fucked her I asked her if she like Tony, and I said I had his phone number did she want to meet him again , She said I will do what ever you want , I was fucking her harder and I said I wanted to watch young Tony fucked her with that huge cock he had .She was ready to come and she said ok you phone him and set it up I came within seconds . In the morning I ask again if she wanted me to phone Tony, Marg said if that's what he does for you then the answer is yes but we will have to meet him away from here some where no one know us .On the Sunday afternoon I gave Tony a call I told him who I was and he was very pleased I had phoned ,I asked him if I could meet him in the Tesco carpark not to far from where we live he said no problem and said about 3pm on Thursday . More to come