Written by Mark_Goodman_1

9 Jun 2013

I posted our first story on 21st May. Circumstances have not allowed for us to visit the swingers club again since then, but we plan to do so soon.

However, I have persuaded my wife to tell her versions of events here. She doesn't want to registers here in her own right, so she is dictating it to me to write it for her. What follows are her words, unaltered by me:

My husband has said that I was very apprehensively about swinging, swapping or anything of the sort. I have known for some time that he would love to see me fucked by another guy but that is a step that I have not been prepared to even contemplate and I am still very unsure about doing so.

However, I must confess to being more than a little curious about the scene and, yes, quite turned on by the idea of going to the club, whatever may occur there.

I want to concentrate on our third visit, but that is the one where I decided to be proactive in the club and I will admit to having had a couple of drinks to help me get into things.

When we first went into the bar area. I was dressed in a carefully chosen green basque trimmed with black lace and a black thong. I am a touch nervous about revealing all that in the 'public' area of the club so I wore a white see-through unbuttoned blouse on top and a very, very short black mini skirt. Yes, I know that didn't cover much but it provided me with a degree of modesty, however slight.

I also wore 6" black heels. I do love my shoes.

The bar area filled up slowly and we exchanged pleasantries with one or two couples, but there was no one there who turned me on in the slightest. My husband kept feeling my ass cheeks, lifting my mini skirt at the back, which inevitably attracted the attention of one or two guys, but no own made a move. One was a reasonably good looking Asian guy. He was by no means handsome, but ruggedly attractive, obviously fit and a good 20 years or more younger than me. He was quite fanciable, more than anyone else there for sure, but I did not imagine for one minute that anything would happen with him, particularly as he was a fair but younger.

When we went into the play room, I was slightly pissed but not really horny. My husband got me in the mood, however, as he often does by expertly licking, caressing and teasing my tits. It's as if there's a direct connection from my nipples to my cunt because I quickly became very wet. I reached for his cock and sucked him for a while.

I was aware that others were watching us, but paid no attention as to who it was. I was totally oblivious, really, to who else was in the room.

After sucking my husband for a while, I lay back and let him play with my clit with his fingers. I quite expected that he would eventually fuck me and that would be that. I realised however that while he was fingering me he was also gesturing to one or two guys to come and join us. Instantly my anxiety started to well up and I was very close to calling it a day.

Before I could collect those thoughts clearly I was aware of a guy standing very close stroking a quite large, hard cock. I looked up and saw it was the young Asian guy from the bar. I looked into his deep brown eyes and my anxiety faded in an instant. My husband whispered for me to stroke the young guys cock. I was way ahead of him.

I did give it one or two gentle strokes, but I had one thing and one thing only on my mind. I wanted that beautiful cock in my mouth.

I think my husband was still playing with my clit, but all I was concerned about was sucking this hard young cock. Sorry, honey, as you write my words but yours is nowhere near the size or strength of his.

He tasted clean and felt strong. I wound my tongue around his nob end. Like my husband, he was circumsized and I knew just where to tease him with my tongue.

He clearly wanted more and moved round so that we were in a 69, his cock still in my mouth, his mouth and tongue firmly clamped over my cunt. A bit too firmly. He hurt me a bit but that slight pain was soon overwhelmed by my orgasm. He brought me off within a few minutes. He heard me moan and must have felt me shudder as the orgasm flowed through me. He took that as a signal that he could fuck me and moved on top of me, his cock starting to nudge into me.

I almost let him, but then - I don't know why - just knew I couldn't. I looked at my husband and asked him to stop him. He did, and my young lover didn't hesitate. He moved instead so he was sitting astride my body, his cock between my tits. I though at first he was going to come over them but he he wanted to be back in my mouth and I wanted that too.

He leaned forward and kissed me. A long, lingering kiss with our tongues wrapped round each other. At that moment, had he tried to fuck me I would have changed my mind and given myself to him completely.

Instead he sat up again and put his cock against my lips. I took it in again and sucked him. He came quickly and I swallowed it all. As he climbed off me he kissed me again, put his fore finger agains his lips and then against mine. He leaned forward and whispered in my ear "that was the best cock suck I have ever had. I hope we meet again".

I have to say, so do I.

My husband tells me that while I was sucking the guy off for that final time, he walked off and came over my cunt. I really didn't notice.

Would I let someone fuck me next time. Actually, I still don't think I would - unless that same guy caressed and made love to me, rather than fuck. Then, who knows?

Thank you for writing this husband. You know I love you. I also now love sucking cock.