Written by Dave,Sue,Vicky&John

17 Aug 2010

Firstly thanks to all those who posted comments and your words of encouragement. We were all surprised by the the amount of interest in our story which we thought was tame compared to most on here. After it appeared Vicky called Sue who was excited about people reading about her, wanting to know when the next part would appear, offering to help write it. This is a joint effort, so read, enjoy and we hope it doesn't disappoint.

Sue met and spoke to Vicky regularly after, telling me Vicky was more relaxed about it and regretted not being fucked by me, watched by John or letting him fuck Sue. Vicky had said she was wanking every day, fantasising she was being watched fucking and had had some fantastic orgasms at the thought of being watched, having sex.

In June the weather improved, long hot days, and we were able to start using the garden for the purpose we intended, nude sunbathing and fucking. I'd fixed some hooks to the wall to tie each other to if we fancied and attached a love swing to the branch of a tree in the centre of the garden. Don't get me wrong we don't spend all our time dressing in leather and harnesses, perhaps 2 or 3 times a week. The rest of the time just laid in the sun maybe playing with each other and a straight fuck, shagging outside most days if its warm enough. For one reason and another it was 3 weeks before we could get together with Vicky and John.

At the weekend it was really hot, on the Friday evening we went out in the garden, could hear Pam and George in their garden, which turns us on. They put some music on, classical stuff, which would cover any noise we made. We were playing Dog, me being led around the garden, stopping now and again to sniff and lick Sue's pussy and stick my tongue in her arse, her grabbing my balls, stroking my prick, and slapping my bum. We were both soon ready for a fuck, Sue getting very wet and excited knowing that our neighbours were in the garden just yards away as we shagged. I grabbed her fingering her pussy, she pushed my hand off leading me to the house and tied me to the hooks, arms above my head so I couldn't touch her. She fetched a leather studded cock ring and strapped it tight round my cock and balls, wanking my prick. She crouched, holding my prick then licked my balls, taking them in her mouth and sucking before running her tongue up my throbbing pole, licking around the head, flicking the eye. She parted her lips taking just the tip in her mouth, gently nibbling and sucking, cupping my balls tightly. Looking down I could see the other hand between her legs frigging her pussy as she sucked my cock in to her mouth. The veins in my cock stood out, the cock ring doing its job, she moved away from my cock, kissing up my body, sucking my nipples, kissing me, sticking her tongue in my mouth to taste my pre cum, then quietly saying "Fuck me". She turned and bent over, reached through her legs and taking hold of my prick guided it into her cunt, me thrusting my hips to enter her sex. I fucked her tight wet hole, feeling her fingers playing with her clit. She was panting and loudly cried out "Oh god. Yes, Yes, Fuck me", suddenly remembering our neighbours and biting her lip as she climaxed and I told her I was about to cum, pulling out as she turned to face me catching my spunk on her face, opening her mouth to catch some to drink down. Soon after she was on the phone telling Sue about it checking what time to expect them on Saturday.

Saturday afternoon we were in the garden. Vicky had phoned to say they were on their way. I'd set up some wireless door chimes in the garden so we would hear when they rang the door. It had been decided that John would fuck Sue first. Sue was in the love swing supported by the cradles, feet in the stirrups, legs spread wide, fully exposed. I sat between her legs slowly licking her smooth pussy and teasing her with a vibrator. She had already cum once and was close to cumming again when the chimes went. I left her and walked, naked to let them in, half listening to a piece of music coming from next door. Sue had a big smile on her face seeing my erection, kissing me on the lips, running her nails along my prick saying "I hope that's for me". They quickly undressed and followed me out. We could see Sue's cunt gaping open, juices shining in the sun, laid in the swing. John's cock was already stiffening in anticipation, taking it in his hand wanking as he bent to lick Sues cunt. Sue said not to be long, I'd been teasing her for ages and she wanted to be fucked. I adjusted the swing to a comfortable height for John. Vicky moved closer, she wanted to see John fucking another woman, to see his cock slamming in and out of Sue's cunt. In fact, as John stood between Sue's legs Vicky took hold of his prick pulling him closer until the tip was touching Sue's open hole. Vicky slid has hardness along her slit lubricating his cock. Sue had raised her head watching and gasped when she felt Vicky's hand touch her cunt, her fingers slipping inside momentarily, parting her pussy lips as she guided John's prick in to her soaking hole. As his prick penetrated Sue, Vicky removed her fingers letting them rest for several seconds on Sue's clitty lightly stroking it as it poked out hard and pink. I'd got my hand between Vicky's legs, feeling her pussy for the first time, easily sliding four fingers inside she was so wet. She was grinding her pussy on my hand but still watching Sue, almost mesmerised by the sight of seeing her husbands prick fucking another woman. Her nipples were hard. I bent to suck them, feeling her fingers wrap round my cock, slowly stroking me. She didn't want to miss any thing as she parted her legs wider as I got down to lick her pussy tasting her sex juices, lapping her cunt. John held Vicky's legs wide so we could see his prick hammering her cunt, she was looking flushed her head thrown back, breaths coming in gasps. Her tits jiggled with each thrust and she didn't notice when Vicky started to caress and play with her nipples. I stood, my mouth next to Vicky's ear and said "I'm going to fuck you now". Moving behind her, I spread her legs wider then bent her over, rubbing my prick over her lovely round arse then between her legs, lifting her slightly to gain access to her slippery fuck hole. Sliding my prick up her she bent further forward, pushing back as I fucked her, holding her by the waist to stop her falling because she had taken one of Sue's nipples in her mouth sucking hard and greedily, pulling it with her teeth, making them even harder. Sue was to far gone to stop her or even care when she realised, appearing to be enjoying the attention of another woman. She was quietly whimpering, whispering "Don't stop, just keep fucking me. Don't pull out, cum inside me", Just as John stood still and with 3 or 4 final hard thrusts shot his spunk in the depths of her cunt. Vicky wasn't far behind having moved a hand to her clit, fingering herself as I felt my spunk beginning to rise. Holding her steady I sped up, shafting her with several long hard strokes, then spurted my sperm inside her as she came so noisily, I had to put my hand over her mouth to quieten her. As we got our breath back John was licking and sucking Sue's pussy, taking her juices and spunk in his mouth then turned to Vicky kissing her, letting her taste and swallow their sex juice.

Having a drink after Vicky said she was sorry for touching Sue who replied that she had enjoyed it adding that if Vicky was willing, maybe they could go further. They stayed the night and Vicky slept with me and John spent most of the night fucking Sue. Over the following weeks they have been regular visitors and we have had some great sex, including some girl girl fun. We will finish here because there is another, almost separate story to be told, although we didn't now it at the time, the wireless chimes are significant. Once again thanks for your kind comments and tell us if you want to know more.