Written by Fran

6 Sep 2011

Hello, I only found out about this site over the weekend from a friend and thought your readers may be interested in a recent experience I had.

I'm a woman in my late forties, married who's sex life has been on the decline for a couple of years, that's not that I don't still adore sex but my husband has lost the drive that he used to have.

The company I work for is a sales driven firm and although I work in the admin side still get invited to all the end of year celebrations etc if we have had a particularly good year sales wise, well the last financial year was apparently our best on record and subsequently a lot of commission was up for grabs so in their wisdom the management took us all to Phuket for a week.

Obviously when we arrived all the men wanted to drink all day and try to pull the Thai girls at night, I am the only woman of my age group so most of the time kept myself to myself.

Towards the end of our stay their was an organised party so we all dressed up to the nines and assembled for a pool side barbie followed by music and dancing etc.

I had been enjoying a good night out and had a couple of dances with the lads who on the whole were thoroughly drunken, I have a good head for the booze and love my G&T's without getting silly or anything.

Later in the evening I had enough of the party thing so sat down in the really nice lobby bar away from the noise for a night cap.

I took a bar stool and ordered a nice drink to round off the night.I had noticed previously the hotel assistant manager giving me the once over a couple of times, evry time I crossed and uncrossed my legs his gaze would follow the hem of my dress all the way.

I wasn't wearing anything flashy just a nice thin cotton summer dress with bra, panties, suspenders and stockings.

I was just about to pay up and go to bed when this guy who I mentioned above approached and said no need to rush off and let me get you a drink. He was I have to say very nice looking and sat down on the stool beside me.

He told the bar guy to give me a refill and told me it was on the house as my crew had made a ton of money for the hotel during our stay.

We chatted for a while and I knew he fancied me by the way he would give my arm or hand a sqeeze when making a point.

Eventually I was ready to leave and he said he would walk me back to my room, I said okay and to be honest I was enjoying the attention.

The hotel was the resort kind which is not high rise but more single bungalow type rooms, on the way back we had to negotiate some uneven steps etc and once I missed a step and he held me around my waist and took my hand to help.

Once we got to my room he took my key and opened the door, again he was stood way too close than needed but I couldn't push him away.

I had one foot inside the door and for a respectable married lady should have closed the door but his arm never moved from my waist and had in fact moved up a bit to circle near my boobs.

I felt the door close behind me and he was inside, I soon felt his mouth on mine, I opened my mouth and his tongue was soon inside,at that moment his hand came up under my dress stroking up my leg over my stocking top to pull asside my panties so he could caress my now sodden pussy.

My hand dropped to open his trousers, I got my hand on a very erect penis, I stroked it for a while and then he started to pull me towards a large sofa near the window, I started to mumble a half hearted "we shouldn't" but it was way too late.

Once at the sofa he laid me down and while still kissing he got the zip on the back of my dress down and pulled it down to my waist. He almost ripped of my bra and was sucking my nipples while pulling my dress down my legs and round my ankles.

I kicked off my dress and was laid on the sofa in panties, stockings,suspenders and shoes. He had managed to get his pants off and faced me with this huge erection. I reached out and took it in my hand, I masturbated him for a while until he eased down my wet panties and pushed up my legs so he could enter me.

Before he did I pulled his penis to my mouth and sucked the end for a while.

I then put it in my pussy and he fucked me for what seemed ages before we both came my great climaxes.

Before he left the room I said I hope I would get a free laundry for my stockings which were drenched in his semen.

Like I said this my first visit to this site but I do have some more experiences to share if your readers like this one.