Written by jim

5 Aug 2015

I'm quite new to this site, and so pleased I found it. I was fed up with the porno , all seem to be the same after a while. I have noticed that reading your tales that wife watching and the cinema seems to be very popular, like most teenagers I went to the cinema with various girlfriends, they were bigger places then, cheap warm and dark,although they often had many people there most had come for the same reason as us. Of course things were easier then, if your partner was willing loose skirts petticoat s and stockings, knickers easily moved over, so wanking each other was easy then. We knew there were single people there and probably came to watch other couples, I know because I had done this before when I was on my own, I had never seen actual sex but plenty of stocking tops, suspends, and occasionally knickers, I have to own up to wanking while watching. So when we were there it never bothered me if I thought someone was doing the same as me, although I never told the person I was with, and it turned me on. When I got married we had been through the cinema scene many times,but things had moved on, we had our own place and a car, so we had sex when ever we wanted, as years went by and we had settled into married life, my wife occasionally go to see a girly film, one night when she came home she said she was surprised that people still went for a bit of groping so was I, as cinema s had changed instead of one big screen there was 3/4. I thought they would be to small for some groping. We planned the film and time and off we set, settled and started to watch the film, it got busier, not the atmosphere we were used to. I managed to get her knickers over and finger her as she wanked me through my trousers, we both managed, to come, but it wasn't the same, being in a relatively public place was half the excitement, dress pulled up stockings ,suspends and knickers on show. We decided that the cinema days were over. Until I read one of your tales, of a cinema in the west end that still had double seats. We're off for a couple of nights soon so will give it a try, we'll let you know, she has promised to wear all the clothes I love, and probably some of the watchers.