Written by SusieQ

19 Jan 2010

It is nearly 3 weeks since we got back from Edinburgh and because of the weather John has not been able to visit (see story from 5 January). We have shared a few sexy texts but am geting really horny thinking of what happened at New Year. The other day hubby surprised me in the shower working my clit with the shower nozzle. He joined me in the shower pressing my body against the shower wall and started very roughly to rub my clit and finger my arse hole. I know you want John to fuck your arse as you are such an arse slut (true) and he pushed his hard cock in my arse and gave me a hard ride, he wasn`t gentle just kept thrusting till I felt his hot spunk fill my arse.

After we finished and cleaned ourselves he asked did I want to invite friends round to play I was so horny all I wanted was cock. We have a couple we are very close with Liz and Bob who we met on holiday and after we introduced them to the pleasures of swapping and of course our Bi side have been constant sex partners. In fact Liz loves having her pussy licked by me has often asked for it just to be the two of us, in the back of a car is even better for her as she loves the thought of being seen. Hubby telephoned them Liz was out but Bob said he would come round, great two cocks at once.

Bob likes it if Liz or I are tied to the bed where he can do as he wishes to us and we can`t object (not that we would) so I am tied with silk scarves and with a very skimpy top on. Bob comes into the room and I start to wriggle leting the top ride up over my pussy, Bob stands wanking himself watching my frantic movements on the bed. Hubby eggs him on she is helpless Bob do what you want, Bob`s first move is to spread the lips of my pussy and put his tongue into my love hole, bliss, his fingers are thrusting into me one finding its way to my arse hole, my orgasms are coming thick and fast. Hubby is by my head pushing his cock into my mouth I am sucking him hard. He moves from my head Bob has started to fuck me long slow movements making me beg him to go faster he won`t. I see hubby behind Bob, I know Bob is waiting for hubby to finger his arse hole this is his favourite he has started to like the 3 way his thrusts are into me get a little slower as the sensation of hubby fingering him take over. Bob suddenly grunts his eyes open with surprise and I know hubby has succeded in geting his cock up Bob`s arse. We all stop for a moment with the sensation I see hubby start slow movements back and forth Bob is grunting with pleasure and soon we a have a steady rythem going faster and faster they go and suddenly Bob shoots his load into my pussy he falls forward onto me and hubby is still fucking Bob`s arse. Hubby grips Bob`s shoulders and starts to fuck faster I am so turned on I cum again and with one thrust hubby spunks up Bob`s arse.They fall back on to the bed only the sound of our heavy breathing to be heard. Hubby unties me and Bob says he never thought he would enjoy being fucked up the arse he enjoyed being fingerd but a cock?? Hubby asks him would he like to fuck him? Bob is unsure but to be honest I think Bob will go home thinking what will the sensation be like fucking another man.

This morning I recieved a text from John he will be in our area the first week of February can we meet. You bet we can, by the way do you readers of these stories want to hear how we first met Bob and Liz?