Written by SusieQ

5 Jan 2010

Well just back from Edinburgh after the New Year as you wil know from my previous story on december 14 how I met up once again with my friend Ann`s brother in law.

Hubby and I arrived in Edinburgh for the New Year at my friend Ann`s John was already there a look of dissapointment when he saw hubby as he kissed me hello I whispered don`t worry you will get to fuck me. What John did not know was hubby and I have a very good arrangement about our sexual adventures which I hoped John would be party to. Ann had invited loads of people and give them there due even with the snowy weather all turned up so the house was overflowing and as midnight came it was going well. Midnight came with a lot of kissing and hugging with John pulling me into a darkened hallway where we kissed and fondled each other. John was in full lust mode hands squeezing my tits hard and trying to get his hands down my trousers and panties. I grabbed his cock and squeezed hard, his groans of pleasure as I squeezed harder. His mouth sank to my neck as he sucked and bit my neck. As I glanced over his shoulder I saw hubby had quietly followed us into the hall and was watching us. I whispered later John once everyone has left, he still persisted as he now had his hand inside my panties rubbing my clit and much as I was enjoying this I pushed him away. As we re-joined the party I whispered after everyone has gone meet me in the living room.

After about an hour people started to leave and soon the house was quiet everyone gone to bed. I crept down to the living room the only light came from a small table lamp John already there. We kissed passionately our hands all over each other, there was no stopping John the buttons of my blouse were yanked open my bra unfastened trousers and panties pulled down and John sank to his knees rubbing his face in my pussy, I moved my legs apart so his tongue could do its work and my first orgasm rolled over me. John was so engrosed in giving me a good licking he did not hear hubby quietly come into the room and stand quietly watching us. I pressed John`s head into my pussy my excitement building he lifted his face his mouth shiny with my juices, I have to get my cock up you he said and with a thrust he was in me up to the hilt his balls slapping of my arse. I grabbed his nipples twisting and pinching them his groans of pleasure made him thrust harder i could feel him building to his orgasm and with a last thrust I felt his hot spunk shoot into me. We lay together entwined sweating with our efforts, as John came down from the sexual high he saw the figure of hubby by the wall. He started to pull away but I wrapped my legs around him saying it is okay. I could see the look of puzzlement then a realisation about what might be about to happen. Hubby joined us on the floor his hand slideing between us to John`s softening cock and my cum filled pussy. John flinched slightly as he felt hubby touch his cock drew back a little and hubby put his fingers in my pussy and started to move his fingers in and out and rubb my clit with his thumb as another orgasm hit me I could see John watching a look of lust on his face. Hubby took his spunk cover fingers out looked John in the face and slowely rubbed the spunk over John` cock. I could feel John tense a little so I brought my hands up and gave his balls a good squeeze then hubby lowered his mouth and started to suck and lick the spunk of John`s cock. Between us we soon had John hard again, I opened my legs and soon had two sets of fingers thrusting into my pussy pure pleasure. John was soon fucking me again hubby running his hands over us both and I could see John was accepting what was happening. As John again spunked into me hubby pushed his fingers into me bringing the spunk out and rubbing it into my arse hole lubricating me to take his cock. He motioned for John to stick his fingers in my hole and I writhed to the pleasure of it, hubby then mounted me and slowely pushed his cock up my arse to my great pleasure and slowly started to fuck me, John watching procedings playing with his cock. As hubby shot his load up my arse I could see John was turned on by this his cock once again hard, as hubbys cock softened and came out he pulled John towards us his hand on John`s cock slowely wanking him John gave himself to the sensation of a man wanking him the three of us lay entwined just caressing and fondling each other, as John was about to cum again he sprayed his spunk over us we kissed and embraced rubbing our bodies smearing the spunk over us.

It was for John another part of his sexuality he had never explored but is eager to try again and for hubby and I a truly satisfing time. John has promised to visit us soon which we are both looking forward to hope that isn`t to far away.