Written by CLARE

24 Sep 2011

a few years ago we arranged to go away with my husbands family for new year, we all met at the airport on the 28th December, ready for our flight to Egypt my and Paul and our kids where really excited as we waited to check in Pauls brother Kevin arrived with his wife Tracy, she was as miserable as ever but Kevin was chatting away he said he was looking forward to the break, i was a bit nervous as i always had a bit of a thing for him and in the past i saw him check me out i also new that he had gone with at least one of Pauls partners.

we got to the apartment block kevin and tracy's apartment was opposite ours we spent the days sunbthing the evenings drinking, clubbing and kevin and i flirting.

new years eve arrived and we arranged to go to the club joined to our apartments, it cost us £20.00 Euros a ticket but all our drinks where free, we spent the day sunbathing, kevin seemed to pay extra attention to me as in every time i looked at him he was looking my body up and down, this turned me on as he is a very good looking guy with a great body and i have heard a big cock, that night we all arranged to meet at 8.30pm in the bar us girls had arranged to dress to the nines, i wore my red mini dress with my high heel red shoes, Paul said i looked amazing and couldnt wait to get me back to the room. we went down to the bar had a few cocktails and we all got quite tipsy, i then realised i left my phone in the room and wouldnt be able to call my mum so i told gary i was going back to get my phone, i got in the lift as we was on the 4th floor, just as the doors began to close i saw a hand coming between the closing doors they opened and there stood kevin, he said he had to get tracy her fone, he looked me up and down and said how well i looked, i thanked him, the lift came to a stop and i walked out, i just put my key in our door and i felt a hand on my shoulder, kevin said you no you look hot and you no i have always fancied you thing is i think you fancy me too, with that he leant down and kissed me, i responded and soon we was kissing with our tongues in each others mouths, he pushed my door open and leant against me with my back to the wall kissing me i couldnt help but let out a whimper of pleasure, he asked if it was ok i said yeah as i couldnt resist him anymore, his hand reached to the edge of my dress and he pulled it up exposing my stockings, he pushed my legs apart and started to finger fuck me, i undid his trousers and his cock came out i just thought everything i had heard was true his cock was massive, i started to wank him, i then said that it was a one off and i needed to fuck him as i had fancied him for years but that was it a one off, he agreed i went on my knees to take his cock into my mouth i nearly gagged as it was so big, kevin pulled me up and carried me to the bed laying me down spreading my legs his cock found my pussy opening he started to enter me slowly and gently, i told him i like it rough which he said i knew you would with that he forced his rock hard cock into my soaking wet pussy i screamed as it was so big, he said you can take it you slut he fucked me until we both cum we then had to rejoin our party