Written by mrmrd

4 Dec 2012

Greetings fellow swingers

Have fun and don’t be glum

For those like me who love pussies

And the others who like bum

It doesn’t matter what you like

As long as all enjoy

And fantasies, mines yet to come

Two girls and I’m the only boy

Threesomes can be lots of fun

Two men for the lucky girl

To play with a cock in each hand

While her breasts the men unfurl

She may play with them in many ways

The men are only there to please

To open her legs invitingly

So they may enter her with ease

Two females and one man

I’d love to be that lucky one

Four tits two slits to slip into

Would really turn me on

To taste both of the ladies

As they orgasm on my tongue

Just a plain and simple fantasy

Surely This can’t be all that wrong

Yes we all have fantasies

Where you play the centre part

Yet some I fear, they do not care

They act just like a fart

Some say they will not meet you

If you’re just an average size

Though we all have freedom to pick and choose

Who we’ll have between our thighs

Some lady’s say no smaller than 7

Some even want ten or more

Size matters is what they all say

As they throw your dreams to the floor

Men with muscles rippling taught

Yes ladies have your dream

But may I point out to you

That men are not so mean

Men with tattoos, men without

Short hair, bald or long

A certain age, height or weight

With this there’s nothing wrong

You all have your scenario

To which I wish you luck

Yet to be blunt, when all is said and done

You just want a good fuck

Do men say things like no saggy tits

Or pussy lips to the floor

Or layers of gut fat hanging over your hips

Or you’re too old at forty four

Only females who’ve had no kids

So their fanny isn’t ripped open wide

Or no gapping holes if you please

Where a lorry could park inside

Before you start screaming at me

I know men can be just as bad

Like those that choose to bed hop

So they may be Jack the lad

But there are genuine men out here you know

Wishing uncomplicated fun

One on one or threesomes

When all is said and done

really matter

What size and shape we all are

When orgasms reach such a peak

Then every ones a star

A lady to relax as a stranger licks her deep

Or he relaxes as you gobble him

No competition, just nice sexy fun

A game where everyone can win

You can’t see a beautiful face

When it’s deep between your legs

Or a handsome face when it’s banging from behind

It could be ninety and a mouth with no tegs

If you are going to be blindfolded and tied

While others play with you

Surely the fun is not knowing who is there

And who is screwing you

So please let us all behave

And stop this silly game

Lets get down from our homemade pedestals

For really that’s quite lame

This site is too good for that

Fun meets is the order of the day

So lets make a resolution this year

So next year we all can play

Merry Christmas X X X