Written by evereddy

28 Apr 2014

We recently moved house, just after Christmas, a smaller place but close to our friends. Our neighbours are around the same age, late fifties. Clifford is older and has health issues, Diane, his wife is my age and quite fit. We keep our sex life secret, but we have had threesomes with men for many years my wife being partial to extra cock on a regular basis and to my knowledge she has been fucked by over a hundred different guys across the years, still enjoying a lover now.

There was always something about Diane's eyes that made me think she was taking a shine to me, not that I was flirting or anything, but we seemed to always be bumping into one another in the driveway or getting in and out of our cars. My wife Liz was at the time out at work when Diane struck a conversation as I cleaned my car. She asked if I was in need of a cup of tea and to be friendly I accepted.

Five minutes later her door opened and I was being invited in. Diane led e into the kitchen, I had noticed she had changed out of jeans and into a skirt, showing lovely legs. I looked around and asked where Clifford was. He was at the hospital for a check up and expecting to catch the bus back in a couple of hours. We sat and sipped our tea as we chatted, me learning about far more than I expected from Diane as her lazy husband was exposed as a bit of a dead loss for the past fifteen years in all departments. She kept mentioning how fit I was for my age and that all she got from him was snoring and lazing around the house, little wonder that he was so unfit and his back problems were due to lack of exercise and effort, a real misery story.

I asked if he might try going to the gym and doing a bit of walking and slowly resume a healthier lifestyle, but Diane kept saying he was too idle to do anything about it. I sympathised. Diane said she wished he had half my energy and began to cross her legs on the kitchen stool, letting her skirt ride higher, I wondered if this was done on purpose. I decided to play dumb to start and see where things led. We started a different conversation, holidays, the sun and being abroad, we soon began to recall days in Spain and Cyprus, the heat, the flies and the beers. I said I bet she looked great in a bikini and the conversation almost stopped there. Her eyes looked thoughtful and almost distant before she said she had not worn a bikini for some years. My chance to praise her body as I thought she had a figure that could still look lovely in one.

Half an hour had gone and I thought I should resume my car cleaning but Diane suggested we went into the lounge instead and we sat opposite each other in comfy armchairs. She turned sideways on to me to reach a photo album on the bookcase near her, stretching as she did so, her skirt rose higher again and I noticed a stocking top emerge, albeit very briefly. Car cleaning ideas were abandoned, this was much more palatable. Diane is quite petite, dark hair cut short, a lovely size 10 figure with a nicely proportioned bust and flat stomach finished with very lovely legs, a gorgeous face, unlined despite the years, a pair of wicked green eyes and a permanent smile.

Diane opened the album to show the pictures of her in a variety of bikinis which had me growing a bulge which was impossible to conceal, but then I thought bugger it, the whole aura of the room was becoming sexually charged, so just let it go as far as it will.

She passed me the book and I scanned her scantily clad pictures, voicing my approval regularly and becoming more aroused as I did. I flicked further through and came to a couple of topless shots. I said how gorgeous her breasts were and mentioned her lovely nipples too. As I looked up her skirt was riding impossibly high, her stocking tops totally exposed and an absence of panties as I stared unashamedly straight at her shaven cunt. I said she looked beautiful on the pictures but fantastic in the flesh. With that she came across and kissed me firmly on the lips. I responded and placed my hand on her thigh and worked immediately to her wet slit. I probed her lips apart and then slid a finger inside her, feeling her hand was now rubbing my cock over my trousers. She broke away and whispered that we were going to be very special neighbours and suggested we went into the bedroom.

The curtains were left open, we were upstairs with no windows overlooking us. Diane undid her skirt and slipped it down. Then I was privileged to see her strip off her top and unhook her bra before standing in front of me naked except for her hold up stockings. I said she looked fabulous and she told me she wanted me naked too and that we were to do it barebeack. She lay back on the bed and watched me undress saying she could not believe our luck and that we should be discreet. Once I had whipped everything off I stood in front of her and displayed my hard cock and balls to her. She said it was just what she needed. I told her I probably would not last long first time, but I could not resist her.

To prolong things, I parted her thighs and licked down her breasts to her stomach and on to her wet cunt, starting to lick and gently probe her gash. She tasted lovely and mewed as I tried all the ways I could to make her come. She lasted less than a couple of minutes before she gripped my head in a vice like action with her thighs and came over my face, a delicious and exciting come. She was moaning and saying it had been so long since and how lovely it felt, I heard her crying and sniffing and I came up for air and kissed her, apologising for what I had done , hoping she was not regretting it all of a sudden. Not to worry, she grabbed my cock and manhandled me very forcefully deep into her cunt telling me her tears were of joy and release as she had not come or even been fucked for a very long time and she needed cock in her to finish her off.

Diane and I were into a fast frenzy of fucking which lasted about thirty seconds before I blasted my come into her and gave her a knee trembling orgasm that had us kissing and shaking as we stayed in each other, gasping and bathed in warm feelings for each other.

I lay with her for a few minutes and we went through a silence and then some small talk before reluctantly dressing and resuming our normal lives, me back to the car and her to unpack the shopping bag in the kitchen. We have not spoken alone since but her smile each time she meets me is one that the relationship is definitely waiting for a further opportunity to get naughty again. Can't wait