Written by joeyB

2 Jun 2010

About 4 years ago I was coming home from nightshift it was a lovely warm summers morning and I knew I would have trouble sleeping as it was turning really warm. Got home wife Ann giving kids their breakfast she told me she was working the late shift not home till 7Pm her Mum was picking up the kids from school and I was to pick them up at 6o`clock. I had a shower and lay on top of bed the room geting warmer trying to sleep my hands went to my cock stroking it to semi hard hoping Ann would come up before she left for work but I dozed of. I awoke hot sticky from the heat and the sound of laughter from outside, I got up peeking through the curtains to see May my neigbour and her pal Liz in their bikins messing about filling a paddling pool for Liz`s toddlers. The sight of them pushing and shoving splashing themselves with water brought a really horny thought of them geting it on in the garden. Liz who has large tits her bikini top could hardly contain kept popping out much to their amusement and every time May bent over her bikini bottom stretched over her very round firm arse which I have to say I have had a few dirty thoughts of me fucking her from behind in the past. By this time I had a real hard on and was gently wanking as I peeked out. They started to put sun tan oil on, my imagination in overdrive of what places I would rub oil into, May opened her legs to rub it between her thighs I pumped my cock harder at the thought of my fingers rubbing the oil in and with a shudder I spunkd onto my fist. I cleaned myself up and lay back on the bed and fell asleep.

I woke up all was quiet I got up peeked out to the garden, deserted except for the paddling pool. I pulled on a pair of shorts made a cold drink and went to my garden to lay in the sun, after about 10 minutes May looked over the fence saying Joey could you give me hand I can`t seem to get the pool down, happy to oblige and went over the fence. We got it down and emptied but the sight of May in her bikini was giving me a hard on again, as she turned round her eyes went to my crotch, she sniggered and said I see I am turning you on, I blustered a bit but then to my surprise her hand slipped down her bikini bottoms and she started to frig herself. I haven`t had a shag for days and am feeling horny why don`t we go into the house where we can`t be seen. She sat on the kitchen table and opening her legs carried on frigging herself, I pushed my shorts down and started wanking walking towards her till my cock was rubbing her belly. With a groan she said I need that cock up my cunt and pushed her bottoms off, breathing heavily I said I like the doggy position so she flipped over. My fingers went to her cunt it was so wet, I slipped 2 fingers in she groaned moving herself up and down, I felt her first orgasm course through her body and I pushed my cock in, I wanted this to last so it was slow strokes as I grabbed the cheeks of her arse squeezing and nipping those lovely round cheeks. I pulled the cheeks apart exposing that little rose bud hole my thumbs running up and down her crack and teasing the rose bud. Her groans were geting louder so I knew she was enjoying it so I slowely inserted my thumb moving it about to open her up. I stopped a minute to see if she would object but she screamed don`t stop now I felt my cum building up so I started pumping hard cock and thumb her screams of pleasure were geting louder I knew she wasn`t far from a climax as I spunked into her cunt and stuck my thumb hard into her arse her body shook with her orgasm. She lay quietly on the table as I pulled up my shorts not quite knowing what to say. We have to do this again Joey she said grinning at my surprised look, I have had a few dirty thoughts about you shagging me so lets do it again.