Written by rob Leeds

29 May 2008

After the recent session with her i was wondering iff it had all been a dream.

Well only 3 days later she asked my wife if she would ask me to und and help her to move a heavy table.

I came home from work and was told to go and see XXXXX so I did.

I was let in and she sraight away said forget the table and led me into the bedroom.

She imediatly slipped her dress off and that was it, nothing at all underneath.

She lay on the bed just spread her legs wide and said "Its now up to you"

She had shaved herself since the day before because obviously had seen I was fully shaved.

It took all of 30 seconds for me to strip and I did what I love doing I put my face between her legs and started sucking at her wet slit and I mean wet she was dripping.

She almost immediatly shook as an orgasm hit her and she was crying out that she had never had oral before but in a more expletive way.

words like fucking hell god help me as her hands pushed at the back of my head so I was almost suffacating as I sucked and drew her juices.

After she had a couple more massive climaxes I wriggled up and drove my solid prick into her without a puase, her taking it all and wanting more as she gripped my arse cheeks pulling me onto her

I was past caring now and just rammed hard and fast, her groaning and grunting at each thrust and sadly I onlylasted about 25 to 30 strokes before pumping my cum deep in to her.

We lay panting for several minutes then I got up gave a final suck at her slit tasting her juices and my cum bringing her to a final climax before getting quickly dressed and dashing back home saying when I got there "that fucking table took some shifting"