Written by Westcliffcock

5 Aug 2018

My opposite neighbour is a young married woman, about 32, with a young son. As I took early retirement a couple of years ago, she freqently knocks on my door asking for help with one thing or another.

The last time was when she couldn't loosen the lid on a jar of baby food. Any excuse I thought as we often flirt with each other and she has caught me a couple of times looking at her breasts, just smiling at me with a glint in her eye. She was wearing a short summer dress buttoend up the front and I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra. This was confirmed when she bent over and I caught a glimpse of her nipple.

She fed her son and asked me to wait while she put him down for an afternoon nap. After 10 minutes later she came downstairs and we continued to chat when all of a sudden she mentioned that she had caught me looking at her breasts and would I want to see them. I had no time to answer before she started to undo the buttons and let her dress drop to the kitchen floor. There is front of me was the most fantastic tits I had seen it a long time.

Do you want to touch them? she asked. No need for an answer this time as I reached out and cupped them in my hand and flicked her hardening nipples. She moaned gently as I took one nipple in my mouth moving on to the other. She had a small pair of knickers on as I are moved my hand down her stomach to gently rub her clit through the thin material. She moaned again as I moved the material away to feel her wet pussy gently inserting a finger into her. She was so wet as I slide my finger in all the way, moving it backward and forwards. She let out a little gasp and I inserted another finger and started to fuck her with them. Harder please she asked, so I thrusted them into her for a few minutes until I felt her cum on my fingers.

I slowly removed them and rub them on her nipples, where I licked all the juices off.

Fuck she said, I want to see your cock. As the weather had been hot I was only wearing shorts with no underwear. She got hold of the waistband and pulled them down releasing my already hard cock. Oh she said, I've never seen a cut one before as she wrapped her hand around it. I sighed with pleasue as she started to move her ahnd up and down. I hope I don't disappoint as she got on her knees and licked my cock up and down before taking it in her mouth.

No need to worry she was an expert. It wasn't long before I could feel the usual sensation. I told her I was going to cum and she kept on sucking and swallowing my cum.

I pulled my shorts up and as I was about to leave, her parting comment was that she had never been fucked by a cut cock.

I live in hope