Written by Omaggie

17 Mar 2014

Just had to write this about the events that happened on Saturday. Liz popped in bottle of wine in hand, me doing the ironing watching a film, Billy is having an afternoon of rugby thought we could have a girlie chat she poured while I finished the ironing and then it was a long blether about the trip we had booked together and what could happen??? Of course talk got us nice and horny and so dirty girls that we were we delved into each others knickers and frigged each other off. We talked about the things that happened over the last few months between her Billy and me and again we were horny so frigged each other off again delicous two very wet cunts.

Liz eventually said Billy will be hungrey by now do you want to share tea with us me mentally thinking he would be hungery for more than his tea. When we got into her house Billy was not alone the 2 young lads from our street that Liz told me she had shagged while Billy watched were there, when they saw her thier faces lit up. Rugby finished then she said, Billy laughed yes but I am sure we can find another game that involves balls we can play, he pulled her onto his lap giving her a long wet kiss taking her hand to his nose saying lads my wife by the smell of her fingers has been fingering Maggie. The boys eyes got wider and I could see their hardening cocks trying to escape from their jeans. Liz came and sat beside me on the couch pulling me close well we had to do something to pass the time while you were watching rugby.

Liz and I started to snog each other, we pulled our t-shirts of neither of us had bras on my very full tits bouncing all over the place, Lizs very pert ones being fed into my mouth, this led to her pushing up my skirt and pulling of my panties and spreading my legs so the boys and Billy had a good view of my cunt. Her fingers slid into me and an orgasm shuddered through my body as she pulled me to the carpet. She started to undress I pulled my skirt off throwing it of to join my panties. Liz again spread my legs wide and then went to work on my cunt licking and probing my hole, we were soon joined by 3 naked men, Billy wanking hard while the other two joined Liz and I on the carpet. Liz took their cocks into her hands wanking slowly as she continied to eat me out. I noticed one of them had a very thick cock and I knew I wanted that one to be the one to ride me, but for the moment it was oral for me wanking for the guys. Billy got behind Liz pulling her up from me as he mounted her from behind and started to ride her, the other 2 pushing there cocks to her mouth geting her to lick them. I pulled the one with the thick cock on to me guiding his cock into my cunt, he was so eager, and very enthusiastic as I wrapped my legs around his waist he started to fuck me hard and extra thrill being fucked by a guy at least 15 years younger than me, soon that thick cock was shooting hot spunk up me as we both came together.

Billy pulled out of Liz pushing her to the carpet beside me where we went into an embrace kissing and fingering each other as he and the other guy finished wanking over us till white spunk shot out of the end of their cocks splattering onto us.

We cleaned ourselves up but none of us got dressed we stayed naked for the rest of the night where Liz and I were each taken in turn by the 3 guys watching Liz being shagged by 3 guys at once was so horny I don`t know how many loads of spunk were deposited into us but let us say i was a wee bit sore the next day.

When the 2 younger guys left Liz and I gave then a good snog with unspoken promise of another time, and the one with the thick cock whispered he would come to mines another time on his own mmmmmm???